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  3. A bee swarm trap that is worth the money is something that beekeepers look forward to. Many cheap bee swarm traps are only effective in the beginning but, will get damaged or destroyed easily. Only a few manufacturers have come up with affordable and quality bee swarm traps, and one of them is FORSUN
  4. g Catcher Beekeeping Supplies, Eco-Friendly and Safe to Bees, Water Proof,Wild Bee Recruit Cage Beekeeping Catching Tool $21.49 $ 21 . 49 Get it as soon as Thu, Jul 2
  5. Bee welcome — swarm traps that work. The box to attract the bees — called bait hive or swarm trap — is basically any watertight wooden or plywood box with a volume of 40 to 70 liters (10 to 18 gallons) and a two-square-inch entrance towards the bottom of one wall
  6. A swarm trap is a baited hive box that is made as attractive as possible for a swarm to move into. Since the bees can choose to move in (or not) and can choose to move back out (or not) some beekeepers prefer to call a swarm trap a bait hive. Honeybee swarms usually form a temporary loose clump (a bivouac) hanging from a branch, fence or post.
  7. g bees. It is made from an enclosed box with frames that have older built out, dark wax. The goal is to make an attractive place for scout bees to convince their swarm to want to move into it
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Trap Swarms Of Wild Bees With This Swarm Trooper Swarm Trap Features: Made from CON-Pearl polypropylene board UV and weather resistant Volume and entrance size based on scientific studies of Dr. Thomas D. Steeley Swarm Trooper Honey Bee Swarm Catcher is now even better. Same 40 liter internal size, that honey bee sw Honey Bee Trap Setup Quick Guide. Place your trap out 3-4 weeks before the Spring Nectar Flow. Use a large container/old hive body with solid floor and top. Drill a 1″ opening for an entrance. An old piece of honeycomb inside attracts scout bees. Use a commercial swarm lure if desired. Check your traps often An interesting idea for a swarm trap that uses regular langstroth frames is the corrugated plastic, or polypropylene swarm trap. The picture to the right is a swarm trap that is sold by the Blythewood Bee Company

A good swarm trap is really all you need to get started in beekeeping. The first season I put ten swarm traps out, five swarms moved in! That is a 50% success rate, and others report up to 80% success with the swarm traps described in Fedor Lazutin's Keeping Bees With a Smile. These cost under $15 in materials to build (compare that to $120. The hanging traps had no interest as far as I ever saw, but the trap on a surface caught a small swarm (although it wasn't meant to). So, from one season's experience, I haven't seen any evidence that bees like hanging cavities with entry underneath, unless there's a horizontal landing surface leading to the hole TOPINCN Black Bee Cage Swarm Trap Beekeeper Tool Portable Swarming Catcher Beekeeping Supplies Wild Bee Recruit Cage Beekeeping Catching Tool. 3.6 out of 5 stars. 33. $21.69. $21. . 69. Get it as soon as Fri, May 14. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Each trap was newly built (never had bees in it) and contained 4 foundation-less frames, 1 frame of old brood comb, and one vial of our swarm lure paste. Eight of the 11 locations caught swarms, with one location catching two. Of the 9 swarms caught, 8 where in the 30L trap and only one swarm chose the 20L trap Honey Bee Swarm Trap For Sale. Some beekeepers like to make their own swarm traps, while others prefer to buy them. Instructions for DIY swarm traps can be found here and here. If you are looking for a honey bee swarm trap for sale, the Interceptor is a popular trap. See video of the Interceptor in action below

Our Swarm Lure emits a slow-release blend of pheromones that attracts the swarm and entices the scout bees to declare the Swarm Trap a suitable new home! Simply attach a closed Swarm Lure envelope to the lid on the inside of the Swarm Trap with a thumb tack or staple. Use one packet per trap. Store unused lures in a freezer or refrigerator. Build a Honey Bee Bait Hive: If you're a beekeeper, or an aspiring beekeeper, you can catch your own honeybees using a bait hive. Learn how to build a simple swarm trap from inexpensive plywood. Once built, the swarm trap can be hung from a tree to catch wild honeybees. The t Swarm box in tree. Learning how to trap bee swarms is a useful skill to have as a beekeeper. This year, I started with two Nucs and now have 5 active hives because of swarm catching. I followed this video on how to build a swarm trap to make my swarm trap from scrap plywood and some sheet metal/flashing. I baited it with 5 frames 2. Bait the trap with a swarm lure (stapled or tacked to the inside of the lid) or a few sprays of s warm commander. 3. Elevate about eight feet up in the air by attaching the plywood base (with lid) to the side of a tree using wood screws. 4. Once elevated, place the flower pot base onto the lid. The swarm should start building their comb on.

With both of my beehives dead and gone, it's time to REBUILD! Two swarm traps have been setup on our property, and I decided to employ an old trick provided.. I have had great success attracting bee swarms to traps less than 10 feet off the ground. Many folks like to have traps higher - at about 15 ft. Be safe! You will have a better chance of attracting honey bee swarms if your trap is in a shaded location. A tree at the edge of the forest line is a good choice. Scents that Attract Swarming Bees Mar 1, 2017 - Explore Drame's board swarm trap plans on Pinterest. See more ideas about bee keeping, bee boxes, bee swarm Several years ago I bought two swarm traps, hoping to catch runaway honey bees. They look like giant paper-mache flower pots with lids. Now swarm trap hanging, baiting, and storing are rituals I repeat every year. So far, however, they have yielded nothing. Before I purchased the traps I bought the DVD from Brushy Mountain [

Therefore, swarm traps and baits for bees were invented. In this article, I will tell you how they work, answer frequently asked questions, and talk about 9 traps and 2 lures for bees. Top 9 Best Bee Swarm Traps to Catch a Bee Swarm and Set in Your Hive. 1# Blythewood Bee Company Swarm Trooper Swarm Trap. View on Amazo Honey Bee Swarm Trap- Bee Catching Kit - THE BEE'S KNEEDS TimberworksToys. 5 out of 5 stars (7) $ 113.00 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Beekeepers! Swarm Trap Kit, Lure/Attractant, Feeding Stimulant, Mite Management, Sting Stop Balm, Inspection Record, Shou Sugi Ban OzarkHensHoney. 5 out of 5 stars (3. The Complete Guide to Building a Swarm Trap or Bait Hive. This video is the complete guide to building a swarm trap for honey bees. I include all of the specific measurements along with a tutorial on how to assemble the swarm trap. If you follow these directions, you will be ready to catch FREE BEES for your apiary this spring

honey bee swarm trap details swarm trap is made from ½ dx exterior plywood. finished inside dimensions are: 18 1/4 wide x 7 1/2 deep x 18 high front rear front and rear panels are the same size: 19 1/4 wide x 18 high. drill (2) 1 diameter holes in the front panel on 1 enters so they make a figure eight opening as. This page will tell you how to trap swarms to add to your treatment-free stock or get it started by sourcing a totally free and sustainable source of bees. Don't buy bees. Your local bees are the best bees

A swarm trap or a bait hive is basically a wooden or plywood box used to catch the bees. It typically has a volume of 40 to 70 liters and an entrance of two square inches at the bottom of one wall. The size of the trap depends on swarms, for larger swarms you may need larger traps and small traps for smaller swarms All the time, any friend with a big tree or place to put a trap gets a bottle of honey. In fact my dad caught 8 swarms in 6 weeks in his residential neighborhood last year, same tree. Feral bees are everywhere and always looking for a new home. The more traps the better the chance Productive swarm locations are as closely-guarded secrets as good fishing spots. You only need to check the trap once a week, or so. If a swarm moves in, there's no urgency to move it immediately. Once they've settled down to raise brood, they aren't going to abandon it. But don't leave a newly-arrived swarm up in the tree for too long

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  1. An easy solution is a variation of the swarm bucket lid that employs a funnel or cone to trap the bees. The funnel acts as a one way opening. It makes use of the bee's inability to recognize a small opening that is not on a flat surface as an exit
  2. Includes: Retail packaged swarm trap, 4 nuts/bolts, 2 vials swarm lure. Easy setup and transfer of honey bee swarms to hives. Accommodates both plastic and wood 6 1/4 inch medium frames. Reusable, durable and stack-able design for years of use. Made in the US
  3. The easy way to capture swarms and you don't even have to be in the bee yard! Made of a molded fiber material which is water resistant. Its rough texture simulates the inside of a hollow tree. When used in conjunction with swarm lures, Swarm traps are extremely effective in attracting and capturing swarms. Swarm Lure sold separately
  4. g what appears to be a beard. (Usually 15'- 75' away from home) Scout bees will soon leave from this temporary landing site going in.
  5. New Swarm Trap and Swarm Trapping The LetMBee Way. A month or so ago, Jason from LetMBee mailed me one of his swarm traps to try out. It all started when Jason went on a beekeeping rant on his blog which covered many of his grievances on current beekeeping practices. While I agree with most of the things he said, I disagreed on his stance to NEVER feed honey bees and just Let M Bee
  6. 20 Litre Bushkill Swarm Trap Note: 14 swarm traps can be made from 2 sheets of Note: 3/8 plywood and ~1/2 sheet of 1/4 Luan. However, if you don't use frame rest, or use other scrap wood for frame rests, 15 traps can be made from 2 sheets of 3/8 plywood. Both cut lists are included in the following pages. Cut lists are laid ou
  7. Swarm traps are an effective method of capturing feral bee colonies. The trap has been carefully designed to mimic the size, material, and entrance preferences of the Honey Bee. The trap can be painted any color desired, as the bees have shown no preference other than it helps to have contrast between the dark hole and the front of the box

Swarm Commander One of my favorite lures to use is Swarm Commander.Swarm commander uses the actual Nasonov pheromone to attract bees to your trap. The awesome thing about commercial lures, like Swarm Commander, is that they are formulated to more closely match the Queens Pheromones.These swarm lures are tested and provide instructions on how to bait a swarm trap Here's how to build a bee swarm trap. 1. Get your box ready. (If you have a wooden box, you can move on to step 2). You can use just about any cardboard box that's at least the size of a copy paper box. If you have a cardboard box, prepare it by taping all of the seams. Cover all holes except one With my hanging traps there are 2 x 2s in each corner to keep the trap from failing due to the weight of the swarm. As a result I lose the ability to put 2 frames in there. Makes it important to get them down and hived more quickly before they build comb on the lid I place a swarm lure purchased from one of the major bee catalogs (they cost around $3.00) in the trap near the entrance at the bottom and secure in an upright position with a nail.  I soak a small amount of lemon grass oil on a piece of paper towel, and then wipe a small amount on the inside of the trap. I then place the towel in a. Check the swarm trap every few days. You may first see scout bees inspecting the box. When a swarm moves in you will see hundreds of bees per minute going in and out of the box during the middle of the day. A sure sign that a queen is in the box is if the bees are bringing in pollen. Swarms are very proficient in making wax. I attempt t

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  1. Biodynamic Beekeeping Tips For Swarm Traps and Bait Hives. In biodynamic beekeeping, you want to avoid using plywood and man made woods which contain lots of glues or chemical treatments. Do not use paint on your swarm traps, instead use beeswax and linseed oil to protect the natural wood exterior from the elements
  2. Swarm catching season is well underway and many of you have been enjoying the thrill of capturing your first swarms. Catching swarms is one of my favorite things in beekeeping, but it can also lead to one of the biggest disappointments: absconding! Too often beekeepers find that their swarm has abandoned the home they tried to provide [
  3. Swarm traps won't cause your bees to swarm. New beekeepers often wonder if swarm traps or swarm lures installed near their apiary will cause their bees to swarm. The answer is an unequivocal No.. This is not something you should worry about. Although we don't know all the triggers, we know the swarm impulse is regulated by conditions.

Swarm traps, or bait hives, attract bee swarms and can be used whenever swarms are expected - spring and early summer. The optimal volume of a swarm trap for Apis mellifera (the European honey bee) is between 14L and 40L (the size of a standard hive body). Larger swarms may prefer larger traps, smaller swarms prefer smaller traps The swarm gathers as a giant ball of bees clinging to each other with the queen safely in the middle, being tended by her workers. From here, the swarm will send out scout bees to look for a new home. A swarm box is a perfect location for searching scouts. What you will need: 1/2 inch ply wood cut into the measurements shown in the phot swarms in some years. In our poorest year, fewer than 20 percent of the bait hives were occupied. Capturing swarms can be an easy, inexpensive way to begin in beekeeping. However, a newly captured swarm, like a newly in­ stalled package of bees, rarely produces a surplus of honey for the beekeeper the first year. In fact,

Hi, ok I took both swarm traps down, 1 at a time, they were filled tight with bees and the swarm boxes were much taller than the frames, so they made hanging comb 6 to 8 inches long and some had brood in it, I put them in their new homes and on the top box left a frame out and put in the loose comb, they can fix it or do what they want, hopefully the brood hatch out of it. Re: Best Color for a Swarm Trap. « Reply #1 on: April 10, 2012, 06:31:22 pm ». A lot of people paint brown or camo to hide them. I really like white. Because all my hives are white and one paint can is easy to keep up with. Also I can see bees flying in and out against white. I don't think it matters to the bees

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There is evidence that swarm traps containing pheromones are 5 times as effective as traps without the lure. In new clean traps, those with pheromone attracted 19. 1053-56 [1994]).. And traps with lures are 4 times as effective as using old comb. Some of the results were summarised in the December 1990 issue of American Bee J. on p. 812 We quantified bee arrivals by weighing the trap on a sensitive balance at one or two minute intervals. Fig. 3. Cumulative number of bees in or on traps placed 5 meters from swarm site (filled circles) or 35 meters from swarm site (open circles). Site B had a small number of straggler bees, site C had very little air movement I believe in swarm trapping. If you construct traps like that and there are feral bees in an area you will catch em. For the activities outlined on your web page you could probably utilize traps like those as a preventative measure against swarms moving into people's structures. Once I get a swarm call anywhere a trap goes in the truck with me

Farm Bee Swarm Attractant Lure 11pcs/Set Honey Trap Beekeeping Attractant. Brand New. $14.86. From China. Was: Previous Price. $15.81 6% off. or Best Offer. Free shipping Swarm Trap-THE INTERCEPTOR PRO-Complete Assembled Kit with Frames, Foundation, Lure and Real Beeswax Coating- Bee Equipment-Hives-Beekeeping. FryeSwarmTrap. $165.00 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites This pheromone resembles the scent of lemongrass oil and beekeepers can use small amounts of the oil in their hives or in swarm traps to lure in a swarm. Click here to watch our Encyclo'bee'dia video about the nasanov gland. Check out the books below for more information about how swarms find new hive locations, and about setting swarm traps The simplest swarm trap is whatever hive you intend to keep your bees in. If you are using a Langstroth hive, a single deep is conveniently close to 40 liters. If you are using a Top Bar Hive, it might be advisable to create a smaller cavity within it using your follower boards Bee Swarm Trap with Lure. Professional Grade, includes Lure Give a swarming bee colony an ideal home! Great when you want to move a bee colony without destroying it. Includes swarm lure pheromone, which emits a slow-release blend of pheromones that attract the swarm. Entices the scout bees to declare the Swarm Trap a suitable new home

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  1. In addition to the swarm trap box, get a Swarm Lure Kit (lemongrass oil with special slow-release tubes - you put this in the box and the smell attracts the scouts) and a pack of wax foundation to install in the frames to guide bee's regular comb construction. Dr Leo Sharashkin. Beekeeper and Editor. HorizontalHive.com
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  3. g). Overview of a good swarm trap. Dark and usually but doesn't have to be wood. Has a chunk of old comb. 12 feet off the ground. A little bit of lemon grass oil (orientation pheromones)
  4. Tips on where to place swarm trap. Built a box out of some scrap wood I had laying around, put one frame with some bee bread and honey on it three drops of lemongrass essential oil inside and some nails across the hole as a bird deterrent
  5. Jun 19, 2021. #4. I can see them doing well. Most people looking to start beekeeping want to try and get free bees before resorting to buying them. And the first thing a search for how to set up a bait box brings up is the value of old comb. You can buy as much swarm lure as you like, but old comb is the one thing a wannabe beek just doesn't have

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· Honeybee swarm lure . tall, 8.75 in. wide, and 19.75 in. Human and Bee Safety. o Allow you to raise and secure trap while on the ground. o Eliminates need to nail or screw the trap into a tree. See our successful trap in action Most swarms settle temporarily on the branch of a tree, in a hedge, or on a fence and stay there for a few days until the scout bees can find a new home. This is the perfect time for capturing a bee swarm since if you wait until the bees have found a permanent home, removal will become much more difficult

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How to catch bees in a swarm trap. Assemble a solid box of approximately 40 Litres internal volume. This can be an 8 or 10 frame beehive box, or two stacked 5 frame nuc boxes, or a custom-designed swarm box of your own dimensions. Install frames into the beehive box. The type of frame you use does not matter This swarm trap hive or bait hive is really easy to make, and when it is not in use as a swarm hive it could also be used as a short term 5 frame nucleus transport hive or a hive to house a split. Most people probably know about the importance of bees and know of bee swarms, but perhap

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  2. Bees LOVE lemon grass oil... Both of my swarm traps are seeing some bee activity. One out by our wood storage area is crawling with bees. I do not think that it is a swarm though. Just a lot of bees drawn to the scent of lemon grass oil. I'll take a peek inside after dark and possibly add another hole or 2 to make it easier to get them in and out
  3. Watching for swarm indicators like swarm cells within the hive; Replacing 20-30% of old comb with fresh comb or foundation every 2-3 years on a rotational basis. Feral bees will swarm under similar biological conditions that exist for beekeepers. These unmanaged populations may tend to issue swarms more often
  4. Step-by-step instructions to build a DIY swarm trap for catching wild bees. With a few easy-to-find materials and tools, you can build six swarm traps capable of fitting six Layens frames
  5. All perks involving the trap will contain what you need to catch local, healthy honey bee swarms, leading to a cheaper alternative to bee packages. Why is my swarm trap a different color? As we are continually improving our product, the color and texture of your refuBees Swarm Trap™ may vary slightly from the pictures and videos online
  6. Well, I start by carefully planning the locations of my swarm traps. I've kept traps anywhere from 5 feet to 500 feet from my bee yard. What I've noticed over the years is that my swarms generally avoid the traps at either extreme of that range, and instead prefer those that are within 100 feet of the bee yard
  7. g into the trap. I will give them about a week to settle in. Then I pull the trap and transport to where the new home will be whi..

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beekeeping, beekeeping equipment, honey bee swarms, swarm traps, swarms. A proven site. Swarm Trap in tree . Last spring, first swarms came very early to the South Carolina Midlands- around February 15th. That sounds like a long time from now but it will get here sooner than you think and swarms are unforgiving with beekeeper tardiness. Swarm Commander is a premium swarm lure that has been formulated to help you capture feral swarms. Swarm Commander mimics Nasanov which is the natural pheromone of the worker honey bee. Nasonov pheromone is released by worker bees to orient returning forager bees back to the colony. To broadcast this scent, bees raise their abdomens.

Swarm Trap Hanger Strap $ 12.00. Swarm Lure $ 4.85. Description. Reviews (0) Why buy bees? Catch them for free with one of our high quality swarm traps! This swarm trap holds 5 frames and plenty of excess empty space below the frames to accommodate large swarms with the extra space that scout bees look for. Made of durable 3/8″ exterior grade. Swarm Trap. $32.00. SKU: S305. Description. Tired of watching swarms head for the trees? Instead, put up several of these swarm traps 8 to 10 feet off the ground facing south. When used with a swarm lure they create an irresistibly inviting new home for the bees where they can then be retrieved from. Never lose another swarm again and maybe. Trap Swarms Of Wild Bees With This Wood Pulp Honeybee Swarm Trap Features: Made of wood pulp Water resistant Easy to set up and use Use: This wood pulp honeybee swarm trap is the most efficient way to trap swarms of wild honeybees. Simply set the trap 8-10 feet off the ground, and the bees will enter through the hole

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I give $45.00 for 32 of the smaller pots and put them together with screws to make 16 traps. I give $90.00 for 32 of the large pots to make 32 traps. Note: I have not caught 1 swarm using the store bought queen pheromone scent. I have caught 11 swarms using Lemon Grass Essence Oil So far, my luck this year with bee swarms hasn't been the best, 1 little one, better then nothing, but nothing like last year's. But, I have been successful at trapping ants, the big, black, nasty ones! And I can't seem to get rid of them, either. We have pulled the hive all apart sweeping..

When a swarm took up residence, the trapper returned to the location at night. The entrance hole was plugged under the cover of darkness (when all the foraging bees come home), and the trap removed and brought to the trapper's bee yard. The swarm traps contain full depth, brood frames on which the queen lays eggs Swarm traps seem to do best when located in a partial shade area about 100′ from bee yard. But you can put them anywhere to test them. I put one in my Brooklyn backyard every year, because I see bees on our flowers, but have no idea of any beekeepers nearby. I have yet to catch a swarm in the yard, but I try

5 Frame Nuc with metal entrance reducer. To be used as Swarm Trap or 5 Frame NUC. Unassembled super is predrilled and Hardware included.Includes:1 - Migratory Cover1 - Deep Super1 - 4 Position Entrance Reducer1 - Solid Bottom Board1 - Hardware **Frames Not Include The Swarm Trap is constructed of a molded fiber material that will hold up through many swarm seasons. When used in conjunction with a Swarm Lure, swarming honeybees find our Swarm Traps irresistible! Simply attach a closed Swarm Lure envelope to the lid on the inside of the Swarm Trap with a thumbtack or staple. Use one packet per trap Sometimes when you capture a swarm, there are a few bees that are left behind. These are scout bees who leave the swarm during the daytime to go out and look for a new home for the colony. If their home swarm is taken away before they return, they get confused and form a cluster where the scent of the queen is the strongest, in the spot.

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Position your traps near bee access points. Placing your traps too close to bee access points may actually draw more indoors. Prioritize locations in the sun. Sunlight will make the bait more effective and also cause bees to die in the trap faster. Hanging traps tend to attract bees better than ground traps This trap is mostly for swarm tracking, bee tree catching, and apiary swarm control. In places of zones 5-9 you can place an unbrella on the top lid of the bucket for shade. You can cut out 4″ long by 1″ wide slots in the bucket and place screen on the inside to help with ventilation. March 21, 2017 at 9:09 am Our Swarm Lure emits a slow-release blend of pheromones that attracts the swarm and entices the scout bees to declare the Swarm Trap a suitable new home! Use one packet per trap. Store unused lures in a freezer or refrigerator. Each lure will last approximately one swarm season in the trap. Read More. $4.50. Buy 25 for $3.25 ea. and save 28%. Qty

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Watching for swarm indicators like swarm cells within the hive; Replacing 20-30% of old comb with fresh comb or foundation every 2-3 years on a rotational basis. Feral bees will swarm under similar biological conditions that exist for beekeepers. These unmanaged populations may tend to issue swarms more often Scout bees go searching for a hive for the rest of the swarm. Swarm traps need to be big enough for the bees to get in and start building comb. If you want to make a bait box yourself, make sure it has enough volume. Your swarm trap needs to have at least 10 gallons of volume. The box also needs to fit six to 10 beekeeping frames inside Bee Swarm Trap - Unassembled 20.99 USD. Bee Swarm Trap - Assembled 23.99 USD. Funny Bug Office. 910 Pamela Dr. Kinston, North Carolina 28504 United States We gladly accept Credit Card / Paypal. Terms & Conditions. Start a Conversation. Toll Free: 833-FUN-E-BUG Toll Free: 888-319-9994 sales@funnybugbees.com Faceboo Swarm Trap Plans - 10 Frame Lang Deep - LetMBee Blog. Swarm Trap Construction Materials List: An old ratty Langstroth deep (9-5/8″ Hive Body). 4 - 2 x 2s cut to 9-5/8 inches long 2 - pieces 3/8 inch plywood cut to the dimensions 19-7/8 inches x 16-1/4 inches 1 - . Continue reading → FLOWER POT SWARM TRAP First of all a Swarm Trap is not actually a Trap as such. The Honeybees are FREE to come and go as they please. You can buy the Pressed Fiber Flower Pot Swarm Traps for around $23.00 or so plus shipping from Honey Bee Supply Companies or you can make your own for around $7.00 or so

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As the swarm slid out of the box, many of the bees looked over at me and gave me tiny bee thumbs-ups to let me know how wonderful it was to experience the ultimate swarm box. If I live to be 115, I'm not sure if catching a swarm will ever again go that perfect for me Trap-out or Cut-Out: Buildings, High Above Ground, Other, Other Bees, Traffic Accidents, Trees 916-607-9595 or 916-607-9595 Kevin Sense Bee Pockets, honey bee swarm traps. 760 likes. The Bee Pocket will catch a swarm of bees faster than any other method and can be transferred to a bee hive or left to start making honey in the Pocket One of the things you'll probably want to try eventually is a swarm trap or bait hive. There are a bunch of different designs out there ranging from small boxes that are basically nucs, to the paperboard flowerpot style that are cheap and easy to acquire. You can even make them out of wastebaskets.They are not actually traps, since the bees can come and go