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  3. size for size. While the 6 x 19 ropes give primary emphasis to abrasion resistance in varying degrees, the 6 x 36 ropes are Category 1 ropes. Starlift Xtra wire rope has one of the highest strength-to-diameter ratios on the market. ASME B30.5 Mobile and Locomotive Cranes requires a desig
  4. al sling diameter. Basket hitch capacity based on

m = F / g (1) where. F = force, weigh t (N) m = mass (kg) g = acceleration of gravity (9.81 m/s2) Maximum safe mass for a 3/8 wire rope where the safe load is 10.9 kN can be calculated as. m = (10.9 103 N) / (9.81 m/s2) = 1111 kg. Download and print Wire Rope Safe Load Chart 10 Union A WireCo WorldGroup Brand RATED CAPACITY - Tons* Alloy Oblong Link Hook Rope Dia. WLL** (in.) 60° 45° 30° D L W Tons E R 1/4 1.1 0.91 0.65 0.50 5.00 2.50 3/4 0.89 3.3 Rated capacities based on design factor of 5. Horizontal sling angles less than 30 degrees shall not be used. 1- PART SLINGS 2-LEG BRIDLE. RATED CAPACITY IN TONS OF 2,000 LBS. RATED CAPACITIES SHOWN APPLY ONLY TO 6X19 AND 6X37 CLASSIFICATION WIRE ROPE. 1-PART SLINGS 3-LEG BRIDLE. RATED CAPACITY IN TONS OF 2,000 LBS Wire Rope & Slings Wire Rope HOW TO ORDER WIRE ROPE SLINGS Prior to sling selection and use, review and understand the Help section pages 3 through 12. Define rope diameter (One to three digits) 1 1/4 shown in example. Tolerances and Minimum Lengths Refer to tables for tolerances and minimum lengths. Wire Rope Clas Reel Capacity. Due to tolerances on diameters and variety of constructions of wire rope, it is difficult to calculate the maximum length of wire rope that can be spooled on a reel or drum. The formula below may be used to calculate reel capacities with at least one wire rope diameter below the flange diameter, for clearance (X)

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the rated capacity of a wire rope sling. Sling Hitches Depending on the type of hitch used to attach the sling to the load, the capacity of the sling may be increased or decreased. Wire Rope Size Type of Wire Rope - IPS and EIP Steel Grades (diameter in inches) IWRC Fiber Core 1/4 through 1 in. 95% 92.5% 1-1/8 through 2 in. 92.5% 89 The 6×19 Classification IWRC is a rugged general purpose wire rope used for most slings up through 1-1/8″ size. The 6 x 37 Classification IWRC is commonly used in sizes above 1-1/8″ because of better flexibility in larger sizes. Wire rope slings using the General Purpose Body Style are rugged, economical, and easy to inspect Wire rope sling assemblies can also be braided into multiple parts making them more flexible and able to handle higher capacity by increasing the diameter of the sling. Together, all Delta Rigging & Tools riggers are trained to fabricated wire rope slings with a flemished eye splice, not a Texas tuck or turn back eye splice Nelson Wire Rope. 3051 Penn Street Hatfield, PA 19440 email: sales@nelsonwirerope.com phone: 215-721-933

1-1/8 Diameter Wire Rope. 17 Products Filter Results. 1-1/8 Bright Wire Rope EIPS IWRC - 6x19 Class Standard Lead Time 1-3 days. Starting at. Choose Options. SKU: LF118EIB619. 1-1/8 Galvanized Wire Rope EIPS IWRC - 6x19 Class. Wire rope clips sets serve as an alternative to splicing and are used to secure wire rope around a thimble. For use on uncoated wire rope. Do not use on coated wire rope without first removing the coating from the assembly area. Zinc-plated finish. Includes 1 clip. For looping ends of wire rope. Use with 1/2 in. wire rope This wire rope classification is also known as 6x25 or 6x26, consists of 6 outer strands of 19, 25 or 26 wires each with a fiber core (FC) or IWRC core, and is available in galvanized or bright. Some uses for this type of rope are general purpose and industrial such as crane rigging, slings, and more. 6X19 SEALE IWRC. 6X21 FILLER WIRE FC

To calculate the SWL, you need to know the diameter of the cable or rope. If you're working with a 1.5-inch diameter cable, for example, then the formula would be SWL = 1.5 2 x 8 or SWL = 2.25 x 8. This calculation means the SWL of a 1.5-inch diameter rope is 18 tons These wire ropes come in fiber core or IWRC variations with diameters ranging from ¼ to 1 1/3 and tensile strengths of 2.74 tons to 69.4 tons. 6 x 19 IWRC Wire Rope 6x19 Class (Improved Plow Steel Everbilt 1/8 in. x 1 ft. Stainless Steel Uncoated Wire Rope. Shop this Collection (12) Model# 810056. KingChain 3/32 in. x 1/8 in. x 250 ft. Vinyl-Coated Galvanized Aircraft Cable, 7x7 Construction - 184 lbs Safe Work Load - Reeled (6) Model# 505122. 1; 2; Showing 1-12 of 20 results. Related Searches. wire cable tension wire

Choosing a winch line diameter comes down to the strength of the winch line. Master Pull recommends using a 1.5:1 to 2:1 safety factor with the winch that you are installing the winch line on. This means the winch line should have a breaking strength of 1.5 to 2 times the pulling power of the winch. For example, if you have a winch with a 9,000. strength of wire rope. Ratio B Relative Fatigue Bending Life 30 10.0 25 6.6 20 3.8 18 2.9 16 2.1 14 1.5 12 1.1 Ratio B = Sheave Diameter Rope Diameter Relative Fatigue Bending Life Relative Fatigue Sheave #1 Bending Life = Relative Fatigue Bending Life (Sheave #2) Example To determine the extension of fatigue life for a 3/4 wire rope

Example: A 1/2 diameter wire rope is bent around a 10 diameter pipe; the D/d Ratio is 10 divided by 1/2 = D/d Ratio of 20:1. This ratio has an effect on the rated capacity of slings. When a wire rope is bent around any sheave or other object there is a loss of strength due to this bending action Displayed as inch or fractional inch measurements, the size indicates the diameter of the rope. Industry standards measure the rope at its widest point. A wide range of sizes are available from 1/8 wire rope to 2-1/2 wire rope. Thicker sized wire rope has a higher break strength. For example, our 3/8 6X19 IWRC Galvanized Wire Rope has. Endless wire rope Endless-shape wire rope manufactured by using a special process. Wire Ropeirerope The wire rope is twisted in either Z-lay or S-lay. The Z-lay is commonly used. Structure of stainless steel wire rope Wire rope strand directions Wire rope specifications E-9 0.09 0.03 9.0 0.9 0.04 E-15 G-250.15 0.05 25.0 2.6 0.1

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reels and full containers of wire rope and cable from 1/16 to 5-inch diameter, and have the largest inventory of rigging hardware and specialty items for immediate delivery. We will fabricate to your (or chain or cordage) are of suitable material size and strength to provide adequate safety protection Enquiry. Single Body Wire Rope Slings feature 6 x 19 or 6 x 37 Construction, Extra Improved Plow Steel (EIPS) wire rope with an Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC). Single Body, Flemish Eye/Mechanical Splice, Wire Rope Slings provide additional security, superior to return loop slings should the swage sleeve become damaged during use Some standards may require a minimum of 3 wire rope clips. The number of clips shown is based upon using RRL or RLL wire rope, 6 X 19 or 6 X 36 class, FC or IWRC; IPS or XIP, XXIP, also applies to rotation-resistant RRL wire rope, 8 X 19 class, IPS, XIP, XXIP, sizes 1-1/2 inch and smaller; and to rotation-resistant RRL wire rope, 19 X 7 class, IPS, XIP, XXIP sizes 1-3/4 inch and smaller

These wire ropes come in fiber core or IWRC variations with diameters ranging from ¼ to 1 1/3 and tensile strengths of 2.74 tons to 69.4 tons. 6 x 19 IWRC Wire Rope 6x19 Class (Improved Plow Steel Industrial Wire Rope 7390 Harrison Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45247 (888) 345-0919. 2086 Exchange Drive St. Charles, Missouri 63303 (866) 852-971 Breakdown Of A Rope Measurements: 1x16 Ropes Have 1 Strand And 16 Wires; 1x19 Ropes Have 1 Strand And Wires; 7x7 Ropes Have 7 Strands In A 7 Wires; 7x19 Ropes Have 19 Strands In A 7 Wires; What Are The Benefits Of Different Wire Rope Size? When you are choosing your wire cable, there is a general rule of thumb The rated capacity of a wire rope sling is based upon the Minimum Breaking Force (MBF) of the wire rope used in the sling and other factors that affect the overall strength of the sling, including: 4 Union A WireCo WorldGroup Brand d/d ratios When a sling is rigged as a basket, th A 1 inch wire rope eye sling (no thimble) lifting a load with a 1 inch shackle will be approximately how efficient? Safe working load Referring to slings, the terms Rated Capacity or Working Load Limit replaces the old terminology of

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  1. The term cable is often used interchangeably with wire rope. However, in general, wire rope refers to diameters larger than 3/8 inch. Sizes smaller than this are designated as cable or cords. Two or more wires concentrically laid around a center wire is called a strand. It may consist of one or more layers
  2. g a composite rope, in a pattern known as laid rope.Larger diameter wire rope consists of multiple strands of such laid rope in a pattern known as cable laid.. In stricter senses, the term wire rope refers to a diameter larger than 3/8 inch (9.52 mm), with smaller gauges designated cable or cords
  3. Quality wire rope hardware and fittings. Our engineers work with you to provide optimal products of the highest quality for orders of every size. Whether you need standard or a special cable hardware or fitting, we can assist you from inception to completion. Let our Sales Team help you out today
  4. Wire Rope WWW.HANESSUPPLY.COM 1-1 1 W i r e R o p e Complete Contractor and Industrial Supplier • Sling and Rigging Specialist Since 1930 Visit us online at www.hanessupply.co
  5. When it comes to Wire Rope products, you can count on Grainger. Supplies and solutions for every industry, plus easy ordering, fast delivery and 24/7 customer support
  6. Together, wedge and body act as a vise which grips the wire rope and locks it in place. Gunnebo Johnson wedge sockets may be used with multiple sizes of wire rope. To switch from an overhaul ball application calling for a 7/8-inch wire rope to a block application calling for a 1-inch rope, it is not necessary to buy a complete wedge socket
  7. imum breaking strength and safe load; Wire Rope - Strength - 6 strand x 19 wire (6x19) -

Wire Rope Assembly & Fittings 3-1 Complete Contractor and Industrial Supplier • Sling and Rigging Specialist Since 1930 Visit us online at www.hanessupply.com Capacity (Tons*) 6x 19 & 6x 37 IWRC Rope Dia. lPS XIP 1/2 2.3 2.66 9/16 2.9 3.36 5/8 3.58 4.12 3/4 5.12 5.88 7/8 6.92 7.96 1 8.98 10.34 1-1/8 11.3 13. 1-1/4 13.88 15.98 1-3/8 16.7 19.2. Rope Size Conversion Chart American weight and measures are based on units used in Britain prior to 1864, when imperial system was officially established. The US law of 1866 set a relationship withwith the metric system by defining the meter as equal to 39.37 inches

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Size Number 11 Wire Size (Decimal Inch) 0.1920 Length (Inch) 1-3/4 Load Capacity (Lb.) 70 Finish/Coating Bright Zinc Material Carbon Steel View Product Please enter a search valu Wire Rope Material: Made from independent wire rope core (IWRC), which offers less stretch and resistance to crushing while maintaining flexibility - Fabricated from extra improved plow steel (EIPS) - Rope with diameter of up to 1 inch has an outer rope formed of 6 strands with 25 wires per strand - Rope with diameter of 1 1/4 inches and above are formed of 6 strands with 37 wires per stran PowerStrand Wire Rope. 6x19 Seale construction is a good general purpose wire rope that is wear and crush resistant, but not very flexible. Suitable for lifting slings (chokers), winch lines, fishing, gang panels, and logging. Construction: 6x19S (9+9+1) IWRC Hot Dipped Galvanized. Number of Outer Strands: 6

Eye Size 1x20(ft) Wire Rope Choker Sling : KSLW16X20CH: 7.2 9.8 20 51 8x16 Description Item Number Choker Strength (tons) Vertical Strength (tons) Basket Strength (tons) Weight Per Sling Eye Size 1 1/8x5(ft) Wire Rope Choker Sling : KSLW17X5CH: 9.1 12 24 26 9x18 Description Item Number. XD9i Multi-Mount Winch - 104183. This Warn Industries XD9000i Series 12 volt electric Winch is portable and has a pull capacity of 9,000 pound. It has a 125 feet wire rope. Please Note: This product requires a compatible bumper or mounting plate to be properly mounted to your vehicle

Buy premium aircraft military grade swage sleeves, also known as duplex sleeves, cable crimps, & cable ferrules, which are wire rope fittings & stops used to terminate wire rope ends, form loop ends or wire splices. Stop sleeves can be made from aluminum, copper, stainless steel and galvanized steel Fortune Rope & Metal Company provides a wide range of aircraft cable. Aircraft cable is available in galvanized steel and Stainless Steel, and is also offered in Stainless Steel Type 316. Our aircraft cable comes in 1x7 strand, 1 x19 strand, 7x7 strand, and 7x19 strand — all in galvanized steel or stainless steel Wire Or Synthetic Rope On Winches With 4000 Pounds Capacity Or Greater ; ATV, Side X Side And Motorcycle Winches ; Jeep, Truck And SUV Winches ; Winch Capacity Up To 10000 Pounds With 5/16 Inch Wire Rope I wish to block cookies. Alternative Items (1) SKU: 0546670. 3/32 Duplex Aluminum Wire Rope Locoloc® Stop Sleeve. Manufacturer. Locoloc®. Online Price: $0.0743 / each. Available Inventory. 1/4 Aluminum Wire Rope Swage Sleeve

1/2 Heavy Duty Wire Rope Thimble-Wire Rope Thimble - Heavy duty Galv. type for 1/2 in. dia. wire rope Product Overview. This general purpose, aircraft grade braided wire cable is designed for strength and flexibility. With a 3960 lb. maximum load capacity, the wire rope is ready to handle heavy use. Galvanized to resist corrosion, this wire rope features a fused end and a right hand regular lay construction. Fused end The lower capacity hand winches that we carry will not accept 60 feet of wire rope. We have 1/4 inch winch cable available but only in 25 foot, item # DL24100 , and 50 foot, item # DL24104 , lengths. expert reply by: Bob

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  1. um Sleeves Ferrules - 10-Piece EVERBILT Alu
  2. Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about ALPS WIRE ROPE 1 x 19 Stainless-Steel Type 302/304 Wire, Price Per Foot at the official West Marine online store. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. Shop with confidence - get free shipping to home or stores + price match guarantee
  3. Blocks & Pulleys; Type: Snatch Block ; Rope Type: Wire ; Sheave Style: Single ; Rope Diameter (Inch): 5/8 ; Sheave Outside Diameter (Inch): 6 ; Load Capacity (Lb.): 14,000 Type Snatch Block Rope Type Wire Sheave Style Single Rope Diameter (Inch) 5/8 Sheave Outside Diameter (Inch) 6 Load Capacity (Lb.) 14000 Finish/Coating Painted Eye Inside Diameter (Inch) 1
  4. Total Ratings 1, $10.13 New. Apex Campbell 6991034 5/8 1000-g Wire Rope Clip Forged Carb. $15.00 New. CURT 21500 Hitch Pin & Clip. $4.95 New. Cm Columbus McKinnon M251 5/8 Wire Rope Clip / Clamp USA Crosby. $2.50 New. Crosby 1010514 3/8 Fist Grip Wire Rope Clip Galvanized
  5. 1/4″ Winch Rope: 1/4″ Blue Winch Rope and Safety Thimble. Use: Winches from 2,000 lbs. To 4,500 lbs. Commonly on ATV & UTV winches. Material: 12 strand UHMWPE Synthetic Rope. Diameter: 1/4 Inch. Lengths: 50 ft. - Custom lengths available by request. Breaking Strength: 9,000 lbs. Sheathing: 3 ft. Heavy-Duty Polyester

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With fresh rope, your winch will safely perform at top capacity so you can hoist to your heart's content and be ready out on the road. High Quality Keep your winch operating at top capacity by replacing worn out or frayed rope before major complications from using bad rope emerge out on the trail 1/2 inch 2-Wire Rope Light - Incandescent and LED One-half-inch diameter rope light is the most popular size rope light. Useful in a wide variety of applications, it's ready to light up your boat dock or Santa's sleigh. Use this style of rope light to in the following applications: Christmas yard art and sculpture Wra In measuring rope diameter, the industry is leaning toward a soft conversion to metric during the transition period. For example, a 1 diameter rope converts to 25.4 mm in metrics. Using the soft conversion, this changes to the whole metric size that most nearly parallel the 1 size range, or 26 mm Wire Rope Sling Capacity Chart Inspirational. All About Winch Cable And Why They Snap So Much Roundfe. High Strength Steel Aircraft Cable Wire Rope. 1x19 Galvanized Aircraft Cable. Is Synthetic Rope Really 15 Times Stronger Than Steel Cable. Wire rope clip stainless steel cp7 ook 250 ft 18 lb 24 gauge galvanized steel wire 50137 the home china.

It is stiff, one-strand cable made by twisting 19 wires together. This, as with all our Suncor wire rope, is oil free and highly polished. Bulk wire is supplied on wooden or plastic spools. Wire is left hand lay IWRC. BL is the breaking load and WLL is the maximum working load that is recommended by the manufacturer for that size wire 100 ft. x 1/8 in. Aircraft Grade Wire Rope. 100 ft. x 1/8 in. Aircraft Grade Wire Rope $ 8 99. Add to Cart Add to My List. HAUL-MASTER. 100 ft. x 5/32 in. Aircraft Grade Wire Rope. 100 ft. x 5/32 in. Aircraft Grade Wire Rope $ 13 99. Add to Cart Add to My List. 25 Ft. Mechanics Wire. 25 Ft. Mechanics Wire Wire rope clip is otherwise known as a wire rope clamp, wire cable clamp, wire clamp, wire clip, U-bolt, etc. It is widely used for making eye-loop connections or join two wire rope cable ends together. The traditional styles of wire rope clips usually have three components: a U-shaped bolt, a forged or cast iron saddle, and two nuts Stainless Wire Rope Clamp - 1/4-inch Wire Size. SKU: 665ST-250. $13.00. (You save ) (No reviews yet) Created with Sketch. Write a Review. Write a Review

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The sheave groove is machined smaller, for the wire rope to fit into. Wire rope has to take a much wider radius bend than synthetic rope. The recommended bend radius for wire rope is 25 to 1. I have a 3/8 wire rope block for the old chipper winch line. I can take a pic if interested. I'd have to dig it up. Haven't used it in at least 15 years The 6x19 Class of wire rope ranges in diameters from 1/4 to 1-1/4, with a breaking strength (tensile strength) from 2.74 to 69.4 tons. The 6x37 Class of wire rope ranges in diameters from 1/4 to 1 and 1/4, with a breaking strength (tensile strength) from 2.74 to 69.4 tons. View Specification 1-1/2 4.16 114.00 1-5/8 4.88 132.00 1-3/4 5.66 153.00 6.49 174.00 7.39 198.00 8.34 221.00 9.35 247.00 6/19 Steel-Core Wire Rope Nominal Strength versus Minimum Breaking Strength A wire rope's nominal strength is the published catalog strength calculated by a standard procedure that is accepted by the wire rope industry. Wire rope 26

Wire rope is technically defined as multi-wire strands laid geometrically around a core while also used more generally as a term to classify multiple product families including aircraft cable, coated aircraft cable, general purpose wire rope, strand, rotation resistant wire rope, compacted/swaged wire rope, and cable laid wire rope When a hoist tower is enclosed, it shall be enclosed on all sides for its entire height with a screen enclosure of 1/2-inch mesh, No. 18 U.S. gauge wire or equivalent, except for landing access. 1926.552(b)(5)(ii Choosing the correct size Kinetic Recovery Rope makes a big impact on your recovery. The strength of kinetic ropes are determined by the diameter of the rope. There are many different diameters to choose from 1/2 Inch all the way up to 2 Inch. When choosing the size of your Kinetic Recovery Rope, the breaking strength should be approximately 3. Rope Blocks 1-1/4 Dia. Sheave Blocks 500 lb. Capacity 3/16 Maximum Rope Size Flat - SB500FM Plain - SB500P Swivel Eye - SB500E Hook - SB500H Sheave -133-102 2 Dia. Sheave Blocks 1000 lb. Capacity 7/32 Maximum Wire Rope Size 1/4 Synthetic Rope Flat - SB1000FM Plain - SB1000P Swive SWR supply a wide range of winch ropes for the UK winch market. There are two popular constructions, 7X19 and 6X36. 6X36 provides a superior breaking load and is a more flexible wire rope, often achieving a greater longevity over the 7X19 construction. All are supplied with high quality safety hooks at one end with the other end being fused and.

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A strand typically contains 7 wires (1 x 7) or 19 wires (1 x 19), although others are available. Cable or wire rope contains a varying number of these strands such as 7 x 7 and 7 x 19 (number of strands x wire per strand). The more strands and more wires per strand, the more flexible the cable and the higher the cost For more information about our wire rope fittings, contact us today. Clips. Galvanized and stainless steel wire rope clips. Drop forged and malleable wire rope clips. Manufactured to meet or exceed Federal Specification FF-C-450 Type one Class 1&2. Thimbles. Galvanized or stainless steel wire rope thimbles. Heavy duty thimbles and standard duty. Sometimes called the world's strongest rope, AmSteel®-Blue by Samson Rope is a torque-free 12-strand braid that, size-for-size, is as strong as steel but outlasts wire 3:1, making it an excellent wire rope replacement. Now available in bio-based fiber Product Overview. This general purpose, aircraft grade braided wire cable is designed for strength and flexibility. With a 3960 lb. maximum load capacity, the wire rope is ready to handle heavy use. Galvanized to resist corrosion, this wire rope features a fused end and a right hand regular lay construction. Fused end

9/16" x 1-5/8" Shank (#26) Machinery Eye Bolt, Self ColoredRope Light - 2-Wire & 3-Wire, 13mm (1/2"), Mounting Clips

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capacity of steel wire rope ,16mm steel wire rope ,elevator steel wire rope price. US $1.45-$1.79/ Meter. 5000 Meters (Min. Order) 15 YRS Jiangyin Gaosheng Metal Manufacture Co., Ltd. 81.8% (For example, to determine the distance of a 5/8-inch wire rope: multiply 5/8 x 36/1 = 180/8 = 22 1/2 or 23 inches.) Measure off that distance on the wire rope and put a seizing at that point Sorry. The correct answer is 9/16 inch. Correct. The capacity of a 9/16 inch, 2-leg wire rope bridle is 9,900 pounds. The bridle is being used in a choker hitch configuration so the capacity of 9,900 must be multiplied by .75. 9,900 x .75 = 7,425. This is more than the load of 7,000 pounds ZORO SELECT Sheave, Wire Rope, 1/4 in Max Cable Size, 800 lb Max Load Zoro # G2143314 Mfr # 00308-C. $10.79 Add to Cart ZORO SELECT Pulley Block, Wire Rope, 1/4 in Max Cable Size, 685 lb Max Load Zoro # G0531081 Mfr # 4JX73. $11.28 Add to Cart TUF-TUG Double Sheave.

Utility cable sizes are available from 1/32 to 3/16 inch. Cables of 6x19 to 6x36 are in available in sizes from 3/16 to 4-3/8 inch and break strengths over 300,000 tons. Options include Mining rope, Swaged Rope, Rotation resistance and low Torque cable ropes Wire Rope. 50ft WRGP012. High-quality steel cable that is ideal for use as a winch line, 1/2 diameter, EIPS IWRC. Flemished Eye. 1x SLV012F. Flemished sleeves are superior to duplex or turnback eyes, because they are safer, and tapered which means they are less likely to hang up. Steel Thimble. 1x IMP-TH012HDG Campbell® 1000-G Series 1/4 wire rope clip is made of drop-forged carbon steel for durability. Clip has blue U-bolt for identification and is ideal for making eye termination assemblies. Wire rope clips cable/wire size: 1/4-inch. Wire rope clips material: Drop-Forged carbon steel. Type: Series 1000-G

Match the same size wire rope clip to the same size aircraft cable diameter. For example, use a 3/8 wire rope clip with a 3/8 wire rope aircraft cable. When working with coated wire cable, ALWAYS: Match wire rope clip size to uncoated aircraft cable diameter and; Strip coating off aircraft cable where wire rope clips will be attached The pulleys from our company are for use with a rope. You will attach a rope to the wheel and use it either by hand or with a motor. You can wind the rope to a variety of different lengths. One benefit of pulley blocks is their low cost. Wire Rope Pulley. For an even stronger pulling action, you can use our snatch blocks with a wire rope Sheave adjusts to 4 different positions along boom, and boom angle adjusts in height with an easy-to-use adjustment screw. Manual or Power Operation. Thern davit cranes can be configured with a spur or worm gear manual winch or power winch. Choose from Thern's spur or worm gear hand winches or power winch with 115/1/60 as standard Nylon Rope. Description: Nylon rope has superior strength and is very durable. Nylon is UV and chemical resistant. Sizes: 1/8-inch to 2-inch. solid braid or three-strand. Sold by the foot or spools. 2-inch 3-strand has tensile strength of 92,000 lbs Meccion Stainless Steel Wire Rope Cutter 8-inch CR-V Cable Cutter for Aircraft Bicycle Cable, Steel Cable, Wire Rope, Spring Etc, Cuts up to 1/5-Inch 4.5 out of 5 stars 39 $27.99 $ 27 . 9

KwikWire - adjustable wire rope system replaces jack chain or ATR for support. 3/32 inch wire rope, 150 lb. rating. Use with BKC100 or BKC150 clamps. View more View less. SDS Document Not Found. For assistance please contact the SDS Coordinator by email at productcompliance@grainger.ca. CATALOGUE PAGE # 129 T.W. Evans Cordage. 1.5-in x 50-ft Twisted Manila Rope (By-the-Roll) Model #30-097-50. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 38647BAB-4253-4399-BF34-F2AE8036D83D@1.00x. 6. Blue Hawk. .375-in x 100-ft Braided Polypropylene Rope (By-the-Roll

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1/4″ Threaded Rod & Swage Stud for 1/8″ Wire Rope - Cable Turnbuckle $ 8.10 Add to cart; 10″ Long Wire Cable Tensioner - Use with 1/8″ Cable - Type 316 Stainless Steel $ 4.05 Add to cart; Angle Stud Cable Anchor for 1/8″ Wire Rope - Type 316 Stainless Steel $ 2.36 Add to car Product description IWISS AM-116 Wire Crimping Tool. AM-116 Wire Crimping Tool for Aluminum Oval Sleeves and Stop Sleeves Wire Rope Crimp Ferrules from 1/16″ to 3/16″. Features: For aluminum wire rope crimp ferrules, crimping loop sleeve, duplex sleeve, fishing double sleeves, railing fittings MS38 3/8 Inch Wire Rope Sling. Eyes and are mechanically swaged using steel sleeves. All slings come with a rating tag as per OSHA specifications. Do not exceed rated capacities. Rated capacities are reduced when applying angular loads. Vertical: 1.4 tons; Choker: 1.1 tons; Basket: 2.8 ton

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Wire Rope Sling Chokers. All wire rope slings made w/ EIPS, IWRC bright wire rope w/ A1 light lube, steel ferrule & Flemish roll splice. Includes tag showing size, length, working load limits, and manufacturer. Wire Rope Slings have a safety factor of 5:1 by design API spec 9A table 3.7 Internal wire size: 3/32. Minimum break strength: 1750lbs (white), 1200lbs (colored) Approximate density: 2.80lbs/100ft (white), 2.3lbs/100ft (colored) Rope that is cut to order is not refundable. When ordering, please select the color of your rope and the height of your flagpole. Longer lengths available upon request. 500 ft. maximum per spool Dorman Conduct-Tite 3/4 Inch Black Split Wire Conduit. Part #: 86665. Line: CTI. Wire Conduit & Looming. ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆. 2.5 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for Dorman Conduct-Tite 3/4 Inch Black Split Wire Conduit 4-1/2 Sheave Size 1/2 Wire Rope Working Load Limit: 4 Tons. 4-1/2 Sheave Size; 1/2 Wire Rope; Working Load Limit: 4 Tons; The snatch block is a pulley system with covered and protected yet removable sides

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  • Snow storm appearance seen in silicosis.