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A shortcut named Icon Themer makes it possible to bypass Shortcuts when opening customized app icons in iOS 14. Make Shortcuts go straight to the app. Note that it does take a little longer to add a custom app icon using Icon Themer but it also stops the Shortcuts app from opening altogether. Without waiting further, here's how you can. In iOS 14, the most popular way of creating custom app icons has been to use the Shortcuts app with an Open App action, then adding this shortcut to your home screen with a custom icon. Unfortunately this means every time the shortcut is pressed, the Shortcuts app opens first, then the app you want, adding half a second to opening apps every time Run shortcut without opening shortcut app? I created a shortcut called secret documents and save it to me home page. When clicked it will send a push notification of caught you snooping, takes a picture using the front camera, gets current location, and emails me the picture and a map link of the location Instead, I'm burnt out from three weeks of pushing hard to get the app and the necessary server infrastructure out the door. So, that post can wait. Let's talk about something fun and related to my new obsession with Siri Shortcuts and CarPlay. Namely, how to trick iOS into running Shortcut automations that the OS doesn't typically allow you to do

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Open custom apps without opening shortcut app. Download in comments. Close. 284. Posted by 7 months ago. Archived. 2. Open custom apps without opening shortcut app. Download in comments. Play. 0:00. 0:00. Settings. Fullscreen. I have an ipad 8th gen with the latest version of ios 14 (14.4.2) and suddenly all of the third party widget on my. After you add a shortcut to Siri on your iOS device, you can run the shortcut by asking Siri your personal phrase on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch or HomePod. Just say Hey Siri, then say the personal phrase you created for the shortcut. Shortcuts that require an app to open on your iOS device might not work on HomePod and Apple. Not all triggers can make an automation run in the background. When you Arrive, Leave, connect to CarPlay, or use the Before I Leave or Time of Day triggers, or try to automate connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, your shortcuts will only show up as notifications and won't run in the background Open the preinstalled Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad, and go to the Automation tab. Use Spotlight Search if you can't find the app on your Apple device. If this is your first time creating an automation, tap the Create Personal Automation icon, or select the Plus (+) icon found at the top of the window to get to the. Fortunately, that's easy enough to do. iOS 13 includes a shortcut in the Shortcuts app. Launch the Shortcuts app, and you'll find the Check order status shortcut, which, as the name says.

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  1. From the Shortcuts app, tap a shortcut. To run a shortcut as a complication, tap the complication on your watch face. For more information on which shortcuts work well on your watch (without opening the Shortcuts app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch), see About shortcut actions in complicated shortcuts
  2. A welcome change in iOS 14 users involves Shortcuts. It's now possible for certain automations to run entirely in the background without user confirmation. Here's an example to create
  3. iOS 14 Shortcuts not working. iOS 14 has had its fair share of issues just like any of the new feature updates. All these issues are resolved in the newer versions of the update, but for the time being, they are a concerning issue for the users. iOS 14 shortcuts not working is the latest issue encountered by iPhone users amongst the camera and.
  4. iOS does not support running shortcuts on a schedule so you may run into some issues, especially in low memory situations when iOS may decide to purge the Shortcuts app from memory. Also, certain shortcuts may prove difficult, if not impossible, to schedule, such as those that require user input or are prone to timeouts

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Shortcuts app - On the My Shortcuts tab, simply tap on the shortcut you want to launch. There is a search bar at the top to quickly filter your list of Shortcuts if needed. Apple Watch (watchOS 7) - With iOS 14 and watchOS7 you can launch Shortcuts from either the Shortcuts Apple Watch app, or via complications on the Siri watch face Timed automations, Home automations that can run without anyone present, and even NFC stickers are now enabled. Jason Snell. With Tuesday's release of iOS 13.1, Apple's included Shortcuts app. In iOS 14, that issue was solved since you can banish any app icon to the App Library. That way, only your custom alias icons show up on the home screen. But tapping one would briefly open the Shortcuts app before sending you to the app it's supposed to open. That was fixed in iOS 14.3, but now you're stuck with the banner notification With iOS 14.3 beta 2, the Shortcuts app no longer opens when you launch a shortcut from the home screen, which in turn has major benefits for those using the Shortcuts app to set custom app icons If you use the built-in Shortcuts app to perform automated tasks on your iPhone or iPad, you may have noticed how you get a banner-style notification every time a shortcut is executed. Some users may want to disable these notifications, especially if it's a feature that they frequently use

Launch the Shortcuts app on your iPhone. Head over to the My Shortcuts section of the app and tap on the + icon at the top-right corner of your screen. Next, tap on Add Action to get started with a new shortcut. Now, type Open app in the search bar and choose the Open App action, as shown below. Here, tap on. To get started, install the Shortcuts (free) app from the App Store. By default, it's not installed after updating to iOS 12 unless you already have the Workflow app. Once you open the app, you can either create a Shortcut yourself or import from the publically available Shortcuts in the Gallery section. However, the really awesome Shortcuts are not available in the official Shortcuts Gallery

There are a lot of cool shortcuts you could run on your iPhone, but in iOS 13 and iOS 14, you'll likely see a notification any time you try to run an automation. Shortcuts should feel seamless when their actions are performed, and getting a banner alert each time one initializes takes away the seamlessness of it all. But there is a way to block them Now there are shortcut actions to wake up and put my Apple TV to sleep, play and pause, open a specific app, and more. I've created shortcuts and automations around a number of these actions to add a little fluidity to my day, especially to the beginning and end of my work day. I've also built shortcuts that make switching between apps easier ‎Pushcut helps you kick off your automation when it matters. Create fine-tuned interactions for HomeKit, Shortcuts, and custom workflows through smart notifications combined with powerful automation actions. Use HomeKit scenes, shortcuts, online integrations, and web services as notification actio Previously, in iOS 13, you needed to tap on a notification and then tap Run when your automation is configured to execute. But now in iOS 14, the automation will run on its own at the appointed time, assuming, of course, that you turn off Ask Before Running. VPN Deals: Lifetime license for $16, monthly plans at $1 & more

Apple shared all of the updates to the Shortcuts app in the 13 new triggers that can run automatically without asking for user permission: in the Shortcuts app with iOS 14 and there are. Apple's Shortcuts platform can seriously boost the capabilities of just about any app that it supports — including, of course, Apple Music. While Apple's first-party streaming platform is great and easy-to-use, there are a number of things that the Shortcuts app can bring to the table. These aren't baked-in features, either When theming home screen icons, the most common issue people have encountered is that the themed icons open the Shortcuts app before launching the actual app. However, in iOS 14, Apple introduced the ability to create profiles that launch apps without a redirect, so I created Icon Themer to make use of this feature That said, you can enable the Shortcuts app to add untrusted shortcuts rather easily. Start by opening the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad—scroll down and tap Shortcuts. You should then see.

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  1. iOS 14: 11 cool tricks your iPhone's Shortcuts app can do for you now. If you've never used Apple's Shortcuts app or you've only dabbled, it's well worth getting to know the ins and outs of this app
  2. Personal Automations (PA) are saved and triggered from personal iOS devices, usually an iPhone. There are no limits to which shortcut actions can be added to a PA. Some PA choices have an Ask Before Running toggle; turning this off allows the automation to run in the background without user input
  3. g events (with set location, of course). Tapping on any event will open your favorite maps app, so you'll be ready to go in an instant. This Siri shortcut works well on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch and can be a real lifesaver at times
  4. Tap Get Shortcut to download and install the shortcut. After download is complete, open the Shortcuts app. Find and run Delayed Time iMessage.. Select the Contact you wish to schedule.
  5. Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and choose the Automation tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap the + icon in the top-right corner. Select Create Personal Automation.. Scroll down and hit App.. Now tap Choose and select any app for which you've saved a bookmark with a custom icon. In our case, we selected Mail

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  1. In iOS 14.3 beta 2, that's no longer the case because shortcuts no longer have to route through the Shortcuts app. As Reddit users discovered after installing yesterday's beta, launching an app.
  2. Creating custom iOS app icons with Icon Themer. Icon Themer is a custom shortcut that would run through the necessary steps to create a custom app that would load the target app on your iPhone and also any iOS devices for that matter. As you read from its descriptions below, this works best with iOS 14 but would still work on iOS 13
  3. The current version of the Shortcuts app lets users set up complex, multi-step actions that can be enabled with a single tap or Siri voice command. However, with iOS 13, users will be able to set.
  4. To create a custom shortcut, open the Shortcuts app, create a new shortcut in the My Shortcuts view, then add actions in the Shortcut editor view, and finally, run your new shortcut to test it. Go.

When you run a shortcut from a widget in iOS 14, it'll run on the Home Screen by default (without opening the Shortcuts app) and any UI element (including input fields) will be activated on the Home Screen itself, letting you interact with them Apple answered that question in a developer session on Friday, noting Watch can run shortcuts locally without a connected iPhone. There are a few factors at play in shortcut handling. First. Shortcuts originated via an app called Workflow, which was acquired by Apple in 2017. Here's how you can start using it. Download Shortcuts from the App Store. Tap the Gallery tab at the bottom in the Shortcuts app. Tap any shortcut from the gallery, scroll to the bottom, and tap Add Shortcut. To run this shortcut, tap the My Shortcuts tab. Shortcuts File Format Reference File Structure. Shortcuts are exported from the iOS Shortcuts app with a .shortcut extension in iOS 14 or a .shortcuts extension in iOS 13. Workflows exported from the Workflows app use a .wflow extension.. The format of a shortcut and a workflow file are mostly the same - the file format does not seem to have changed going from the Workflow app to Apple's.

Open the Shortcuts app and tap the Automations tab; Tap the + icon and choose Create a Personal Automation Now you can choose any number of triggers to run your Shortcut Once this is done, your intent should appear as an action in the Shortcuts app. So, be sure to spend some time testing it and trying all the ways people could use it. To begin testing, I'll open the Shortcuts app again and look at the Create Task action. I'll fill in a name for the task and a date-- Tomorrow at 3:00 p.m

A shortcut can run on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 12 or higher, but you will need to be running iOS 13 and up on iPhone or iPadOS 13.1 and up on iPad to tap into all the app's. Siri Shortcuts is a handy feature that's been available for the iPhone and iPad since iOS 12 debuted in 2018. Through this app, you create shortcuts that run specific commands and actions all in. With iOS 13.1 and above, you can use Apple's Shortcuts app to set your favourite BBC radio station to play via BBC Sounds when you switch off your alarm in the morning. The iOS alarm is guaranteed. How to Create Custom App Icons. The cool thing about iOS 14 Shortcuts is that you can use them to create custom icons for your Apps. Open the Shortcuts app. Tap on the + icon located on the top right of the main app screen. Select Add Action. Use the search bar at the top of the screen and type Open App. Select Open App. Tap on Choose

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  1. The 10 Best iOS Shortcuts. Hopefully you're excited to download the Shortcuts app and begin exploring the different workflows it comes with. But if you really want to boost your productivity and enjoyment levels while using your iOS device, you'll want to download each of the workflows below: ‍. 1
  2. Shortcuts is now pre-installed as standard on any devices running at least iOS 13, but anyone on an older version of the mobile operating system will have to download the app from the App Store
  3. It works perfect on iOS 14/13, but if you are using iOS 12, there are a few workarounds to do so. Shortcuts Automation on iOS 14. If you are on iOS 14, you can open the Shortcuts app, which should be pre-installed on your iOS device as you update to iOS 14, and then you will see the Automation tab at the bottom
  4. Alternatively, you can create a Siri command to run the shortcut using Siri. Even you can run the shortcut from the iOS Search screen or from another app. Let's see all the options one by one. Run Shortcuts from Library Launch the Shortcuts app on your iPhone. By default, it will show all the shortcuts in your Library
  5. iOS 14: Back tap integration with Shortcuts Back tap also integrates well with the Shortcuts app. This means, besides having the actions that are already present in the back tap menu, you can also.
  6. Open the Watch app on your phone and install the Hydrator app on the watch. Open the Shortcuts app on the phone. Tap + at the top of the screen to create a new shortcut. Next, tap Add Action. Then, tap Apps. Scroll down to find Hydrator and select it. Tap Track Intake. Tap Show More to expand options. You should see Ounces and Hydration Type.
  7. This includes integration with the Notes app in iOS 12.2 and, most recently, a new automation feature that lets you select actions to add to your shortcuts in a more user-friendly, step-by-step manner. You can run a shortcut a number of ways. Opening the Shortcuts app and tapping a shortcut from the main screen is the most basic option

Here are the steps to download and install the latest iOS 14 update on your iPhone. Step 1: Go to the 'Settings' app on your iPhone. Step 2: Tap on 'General'. Step 3: Click on 'Software Update' and your device should automatically detect the latest iOS version. Step 4: Next, you need to click on the 'Download and Install' option and. Note that article is on how to add a Shortcut to the Home Screen. The secret on how to run Shortcuts from the Shortcuts widget is under Run Shortcuts from a Widget. Whether the Shortcuts app runs or not depends on what is in the particular shortcut. The cases that require the Shortcut app to open are documented here Using the Accessibility Shortcut, you can quickly enable/disable Accessibility features without needing to dive deep into the Settings app on your iOS device. To bring it into action, open the Settings app -> Accessibility -> Accessibility Shortcut. Now, choose the features you wish to access using the shortcut. Bonus: Customize Control Cente

First you have to download the iOS 14.7++ app through zJailbreak using the above button. Then follow the given below instructions. Step 01 - Run the iOS 14.7++ app on your iPhone. Step 02 - You can find the built-in MarronJB app on the third page on your iOS 14.7 ++ homescreen. Open the MarronB app. Step 03 - Tap Jailbreak Now. Add a website icon to the iPhone Home Screen using the Shortcuts. Launch Shortcuts and tap + at the top right. Tap + Add Action and search for Safari/Chrome at the top bar. From the whole list of Chrome/Safari shortcuts, select Open URLs in Chrome. Here, tap URL and type in or paste the website link. Tap the three-dotted icons to name the. Step 1: Open the Settings app and tap on Siri & Search. Step 2: On the top, you'll see the Shortcuts section. There will be one or two suggestions for shortcuts for you to create. Tap on More Shortcuts to see a list of all available shortcuts that you can create. Step 3: From the list, select a shortcut that you like Step 2: This will open the Shortcuts app. If this is the first time you're opening a third-party shortcut in iOS 13, it will actually not work. Instead, you'll see a warning asking you to enable Untrusted Sources option for Shortcuts from Settings. To do this, go to Settings-> Shortcuts-> Untrusted Sources

1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone. 2. Head to www.youtube.com and play the video of your choice.. 3. During playback, click the Share button, scroll down and tap the PiP shortcut (or whatever name you gave it). That's it. As you click the shortcut, the YouTube video will start playing in picture-in-picture mode- no need for any modded apps or YouTube premium subscription Users on iOS 14 or later can use Siri Shortcuts to pin an app to the home screen. The new experience works for both model-driven and canvas apps. When you add a Siri shortcut, the app is added to the iOS Shortcuts app and from there you can add the app to your home screen. On the app that you want add a shortcut for, swipe to the right and. With iOS 13, when you add a new shortcut that doesn't come from the Shortcuts app, you will have to scroll through all of the actions. This gives you the ability to essentially review the action of the shortcut to ensure that there is nothing malicious hidden

The new Shortcuts app on your Mac provides you with a gallery of prebuilt shortcuts and an editor that lets you create your own. Pre-built shortcuts include such tasks as adding batches of. expo-cli ios does not let you choose the actual simulator on which it should run. Assuming the Expo viewer app is installed and default ports are used, this command allows you to open it on a specific simulator: xcrun simctl openurl <some-device-id> exp:// Run Expo on Multiple Simulators. It can be run on multiple simulators at once When running a shortcut action through the widget (eg Choose from Menu) the choices appear and the following action is carried out without the shortcuts app launching. When running a shortcut with Choose from Menu through an icon on the home screen the shortcuts app opens before the menu choices appear. For me this is a poor UI and seems.

Those triggers are 10% the other 90% comes after and that is making a flow execute something in an app. This spells trouble and I dont think it is possible they way iOS works right now. Just to automaticly open a closed app while the phone is off is not possible right now, it ties into background Refresh and alot of complexity a) Right Click on the shortcut and select properties. b) Now, make sure that the Target path is set appropriately. c) Click on the Previous versions tab. d) Try and restore it to the previous version. Method 3- You need to perform the steps- a) Click on Start and type Cmd (without the quotations) To do so you have to use the Screen Time settings, go to the Settings app and select Screen Time. Below your Daily Average, open to the See All Activity entry. Open the See All Activity (highlighted with red border) Now scroll down to the Notifications area and click on Show More until you see the entry Shortcuts That happens because Apple doesn't consider Shortcuts a part of the core apps in iOS. That's why one has to install it manually. So, let's see how you can download the Shortcuts app and ready to go

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Currently on iOS 13/14 you can have automation in the shortcut app. I created shortcut that will show a notification asking to if I would like to refresh when selected it will open EteSync. Then I manually click the refresh button and go back to my application. It would be great to have a simple shortcut integration that when called will launch. Shortcuts (previously called Workflow) is a free app for iOS devices that runs complicated tasks. They can be custom made or premade and tap into many areas of the device. Each function the app supports is an action that performs a specific task and multiple actions can be combined into one task. The Shortcuts app is most helpful when it runs. 7 Ways to Trigger Apple Shortcuts With NFC Tags. Siri Shortcuts are an easy way to kick off everyday routines, but only if you can remember the trigger phrases

Open the Device Manager using the WinX menu. Open the WinX menu by simultaneously pressing the Windows + X keys on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can also right-click the Start button for the same result. Then, click or tap on the Device Manager shortcut. Opening the Device Manager from WinX. 5 Is this possible? Just made my first shortcut for my 'partner' - it gives me three options, call her, text her, find her. Works great. I like how when using the widget it just brings up my menu of actions. However if I create a home screen shortcut I don't want to see the shortcut app, i just want to see my menu of actions. Any way to achieve this? Thank you shortcut friends Siri Shortcuts have been around for a while now, but only with iOS 14 has Apple really made them truly useful. You can now run automations more easily, there are more options, and the Shortcuts app doesn't open when you run a shortcut. All of those are great things Then from inside any app you can swipe open the notification screen, then swipe right to get to widgets, and tap on the shortcut there to activate it manually. Method 1: Hilight any text you want to append the timestamp to, use the right arrow in the selection popup to select SHARE, tap your shortcut in the list (if enabled)

iOS 14 also has more options for automating tasks, letting you run actions based on triggers like the time of day, arrival at a location or when you open an app. You can set up a shortcut so that. Once the shortcut has been added to your device simply run it by tapping on its tile. After you run it tap on 'Begin Water Ejection' and it should start working. You can also ask Siri to run this shortcut by saying Hey Siri, Run Water Eject Shortcut. The video above shows the Water Eject Siri shortcut in action and you can clearly see. With iOS 14, Apple has added a new feature under Accessibility settings called Back Tap. You can customize it to launch system actions like open Notification Center, take a screenshot, App Switcher, Accessibility features, or add actions from the Shortcuts app.Once you set it, you can double or triple tap the back of the iPhone to perform the said actions With iOS 13, you can use the Shortcuts app to program your own actions that run whenever your iPhone is in the vicinity of an NFC tag. You can use this for reminders for certain actions, home. However, in iOS 14, Apple introduced the ability to create profiles that launch apps without a redirect (except for system apps) [2], so I created Icon Themer to make use of this feature. Starting from iOS 14.3, shortcuts added to the home screen no longer redirect to the Shortcuts app

Run your app with expo-cli and press i from the command line or Run on iOS simulator from the browser-based DevTools UI. You may get a warning about needing to accept the Xcode license. Run the command that it suggests. Open your app again, success! Or no? If no, please seek help on StackOverflow, Google, or the Expo-CLI section of the forums. Step 4: Update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 12 released today. Step 5: Download the new Siri Shortcuts app from the App Store. Search for Shortcuts app. Step 6: Create a new shortcut with the following two steps: 1. URL 2. Get Contents of URL 1. For the first URL Shortcut step, enter in the URL from your Webhook 1. Ask Siri to run the shortcut (optional). If you use Siri on your phone or tablet, you can simply say Hey Siri, run <shortcut name> to run the shortcut. If you run the shortcut this way, you can skip the rest o this method. See How to Set Up Siri for more information about using Siri on your iPhone or iPad Transfer the FileMaker app with 'donated' scripts to FileMaker Go, open the app and create a shortcut for each of the donated FileMaker scripts. Shortcuts are specific to each device, so even though a script is enabled to run via a shortcut, users of the app on iOS will not automatically be able to use the shortcut The only way to get these badges is by using the original app icon. Custom icons take longer to open: Every customized app icon is a shortcut to the original app, which means there's a longer delay when you open each app. This is because the shortcut needs to launch and run the Shortcuts app before opening the app you actually want

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Note: If you're using the default app bar configuration in the Microsoft Teams desktop app, use the commands in the table below.If you've changed the order of your apps or added additional apps, the command depends on the app's sequential order on the app bar. For example, if you've moved Calendar to the top of the app bar, press Ctrl+1 to open it, not Ctrl+4 Try this. 1. Complete Video tutorials (For all windows versions). OR. 2. Text tutorials. Open the command prompt and change the directory where your sdk is placed D:\Softwares\Android\sdk\tools\bin>. now add your avdmanager in this,now your full code is D:\Softwares\Android\sdk\tools\bin>avdmanager list avd. it will show you a list of emulator device that you have already created after few second Publish Shortcut With this shortcut you can now easily add your shortcuts to ShortcutsGallery.com. Just enter your API token and you are ready to add new shortcuts or update existing ones. Open the shortcut you want to share, tap Share and select Publish Shortcut. To use this shortcut you need an account on ShortcutsGallery.com Tap on the Automation tab in the Shortcuts app. Choose to Create Personal Automation. Choose the automation you want to use. In this instance, we'll select Alarm. Make sure Is Stopped has a check next to it and press Next. Tap on Add Action. In the search field, type in 'shortcut', and select Run Shortcut from the results list that appears below Another change lets Shortcuts icons on the Home screen launch directly, without first opening the Shortcuts app. iOS 14 lets you create a shortcut to an app with your own custom icon, which led to a rush of people customizing their Home screens. Until now, icon customization meant a longer, more awkward process to open apps

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iOS 14's Back Tap feature lets you take a screenshot on your iPhone or run an app just by tapping the back of your device. Menu icon A vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines Whenever I open Access 2007, it detects the Access 1997 runtime, and deletes it from the Windows registry. If I want to view those reports again, I'm forced to install the Access 1997 runtime and, not use Access 2007. Is there any way to get these two applications to run on the same machine without sabotaging one another To see all the Siri Shortcuts you've set up, go to Settings > Siri & Search > My Shortcuts. (This list also includes any shortcuts you've created in the Shortcuts app and assigned a spoken phrase.) Tap a shortcut to re-record its command phrase or delete the shortcut. You can also swipe from right to left on a shortcut to delete it Hello and welcome to the Shortcuts Catalog!. This is a public resource to help people get started with Siri Shortcuts and the Shortcuts app.. It's made up of three main sections below:. the Shortcuts Library, a collection of 25 starter shortcuts full of menus with hundreds of different ways to use them; my Member Shortcuts, my advanced collection of 25 shortcuts for folks subscribed to my. Tap Cronios from the Shortcuts Home screen. Tap New Cron Job. The Cron Job Assistant will now appear to guide you in creating a new cron job. In Step 1, you will choose a shortcut to run. For your first shortcut, you could try Speak Number, a simple shortcut that speaks a random number between 1-100

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Here is how to create an iOS Shortcut to unzip a file on the iPhone. Open Shortcuts app on iPhone. Tap Create Shortcut. From the add action window, search and select Extract Archive. Tap the three dots icon along with the Shortcut name. Provide a shortcut name, for example, Extract Archive. Toggle on Show in Share Sheet. Tap Done Particularly with iOS 14.5, it seems to require much less editing and fighting with the cursor to compose emails using either the Voice Dream Writer applicationthe or the Notes app. You can use the spell check functionality found in the Voice Dream Writer app, or the spellchecking facility with the rotor when using Notes. when you have finished. Open the YouTube app, and start playing a video. Hit the share button and copy the URL of the. Open Safari and paste the URL of the video in the URL bar. And next, click on the play button to. Open the shortcuts app and simply run this shortcut. Step 3.This shortcut will give you a preview of all the duplicated photos detected. If there is no problem, just tap on Done to continue. Step 4. Shortcuts app needs your permission to delete any photos from your iPhone. Tap on OK to delete all the duplicated items

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(Shortcuts comes pre-installed on iOS 14. So unless you deleted it, it should be there on your device. hit Open to open the shortcut in the Shortcuts app. shortcut to run it. Shortcuts. Visit the My apps. There will side load Taurine on your iOS 14 - iOS 14.1 device. Step 03 - Go to Homescreen and run the Taurine app > tap the Jailbreak button. Step 04 - Finally you can complete the iOS 14 - iOS 14.1 jailbreak process with Taurine. Sileo will be available on your device after the jailbreak process If you don't have a RDP shortcut then keep following the steps below to setup remote connection from scratch: Step Two: Open the app and select add desktop. Step Three: Add the name of the PC or server you are going to connect to. You can get this info by right-clicking the start menu on the PC which you want to connect to and selecting. Option 6: Use the Battery Widget (All AirPods Models) Revamped as part of the new home screen widgets in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 — which can be viewed on the lock screen too — the updated battery widget shows you the battery remaining percentage for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, as well as connected accessories that support the feature.. Small widget: A circle surrounds the AirPods.