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  1. ED71 Electrical Division Certificate of Occupancy Signoff Request Use this form to request for a Certificate of Occupancy Signoff. This form must be filed by a Licensed Electrician and submitted to the Electrical Division. Download Form - Rev. 4/0
  2. Sign off and certificates; Sign off and certificates. Collect proof that work completed is authorised and safe. Certificates. Electrical certification. All electrical work must be tested and certified, whether it's a repair, replacement or new wiring. When work is finished, you must be given a copy of the certification
  3. The signing off is to document that the competent / qualified person responsible for the inspection & test cert can verify that the inspection and test has been carried out to the regs and the installation is of a satisfactory/non satisfactory condition
  4. The accreditation bodies do not allow their members simply to sign off other electricians work, but a full EICR carries a certificate of its own and will highlight for you any variations from the current regulations that may be there
  5. signing off certificate Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. signing off certificate. Inspection & testing of the electrical installation etc.. etc.... If you can say yes to all those bits... then sign away! In Scotland you can use a compotent person to sign off the work with a PIR
  6. Signing off electrical work in your own home. Alex access training courses, electrical advice, electrician courses. Until the recent changes to Part P came into force (in England only), if you carried out an electrical task in your home your only option was to notify the work to the local building control office
  7. Electrical certification for new installations, alterations or additions. Electrical Installation Certificates (EICs) and Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificates (MEIWCs) provide you, as the person responsible for the safety of an electrical installation, with a declaration that the new installation, or alteration or addition, is safe.

4,026. Sep 12, 2020. #2. Short answer is Yes. To put your signature on the forms, you need to be compitant. Qualifications are often used as a way of proving that you are. However, depending on where you are, England Scotland and Ireland all have slightly different laws about reporting electrical works to various government agencys. In England. Joined: 10 December 2004. it is quite common for a supervisor to sign off a certificate for an installation where the inspection and testing has been carried out by others. In many cases the supervisor (Person Responsible for the Inspection and Testing) conducts no inspections or tests themself. The NICEIC have a system which involves a. Any domestic electrical installation work notified by your NICEIC / ELECSA electrical contractor to the Local Building Control Body is searchable through the site www.checkmynotification.com. You can check the details of the Building Regulations Compliance Certificate via the number on the certificate or the address where the work was carried out From our experience in Scotland, we had our electrical system signed off by the electrician and were serviced with a certificate - Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate - this was sent to us via PDF and has a unique reference number. The certificate also shows the electrician as being NIC/EIC approved The Electrical Installation Certificate, used for new circuits, new installations or alterations to existing installations.Certificate pads to purchase: http..

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The most straightforward way to stay on the right side of the law and get the necessary certification is to use a registered electrician. They will have up-to-date qualifications, and be registered with one of the certifying organisations, either Issuing certificates of compliance. Electrical contractors, and workers completing work on behalf of an electrical contractor, must provide their customers with either a: 'certificate of testing and compliance' for electrical installation work. You are required to do this under the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013 (the ES Regulation) The simple answer is, You CAN'T. It is illegal for any person to sign off work and say he had done the work when he clearly did not. If that person is a fully fledged registered and accredited Electrician or Gas Engineer and he lies about the installation he can pretty much kiss his career goodbye

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Electrician's certificates must be renewed every 3 years. Your certificate expires on your birthdate. You must complete 24 hours of L&I approved continuing education to complete your renewal, including a minimum of 8 hours of code update and 4 hours of RCW/WAC review.. If you pay your renewal fee but have not completed your continuing education requirements, your certificate will be placed. An Electrical Installation Certificate or, where applicable, a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate that confirms the work meets BS 7671. A Building Regulations Compliance Certificate to confirm the work meets the Building Regulations. Your local building control body should also have received a copy of the documentation Electrical certification and record of inspection templates. Templates for Certificates of Compliance and Electrical Safety Certificates are available for download, along with templates for checklists relating to both Certificates. The Record of Inspection is a formal document detailing an inspection of high-risk prescribed electrical work (PEW) Check that the inspector who signs the 'Certificate of Electrical Inspection' field has actually climbed onto the roof to inspect the wiring from the panels. This is a requirement before the system can be signed off Electricians must submit a Certificate of Compliance for electrical work (CCEW) under the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2017 and Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2018. A completed CCEW must be submitted within seven days of completing any safety and compliance test, on an electrical installation

The Board's certificate store is free of charge and negates the need for the certificates to be kept for seven years. Prepare your certificate as above. Log in to Electrical Workers Login. (external link) using your RealMe® details. Select My COC/ESC from the list on the left hand side of the screen. Select Stored Certificates Overview. All electrical work in dwelling must be carried out in line with Part P of the Building Regulations. From 6 April 2014 a person who is registered with a third party certification scheme. Posts: 258. Joined: 04 October 2011. I have recently retired from my company after 40 years service and am looking to return to electrical work on a part time basis to tied me over until 65 years pension time. My C&G qualifications date back to the 70's so are not valid now, and I lose the corporate Qualified Supervisor cover in leaving A Certificate of Electrical Compliance essentially tells the customer that the electrical work undertaken complies with the appropriate federal and state safety standards. The benefits of having a Certificate of Electrical Compliance are: Peace of mind for the consumer, because the work undertaken is tested to the appropriate Australian standards The first electrical inspection and testing are carried out before new tenancies commence on or after 1 July 2020 and by 1 April 2021 for existing tenancies. A electrical certificate report will: Reveal if any of your electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded. Find any potential electric shock risks and fire hazards

1. Electrical Compliance Certificate. Only registered electrical contractors may perform electrical work and issue the certificates. The requirements for an Electrical Compliance Certificate are set out in the regulations to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. In general, each 'user' or 'lessor' must have a valid electrical certificate Certificates of Electrical Safety (COES) In a domestic property this covers all work done on wiring where the electricity can be switched off at the switchboard. For example, installation or maintenance of safety switches, circuit breakers, power points, non-plug-in electrical equipment or lighting points within the house.. Electrical Contractor License: Certificate C licenses are issued to systems contractors who have at least one year of experience as a licensed systems technician and pass a written examination; Certificate D licenses are issued to systems technicians who install, repair, or maintain fire warning, security, or other power limited systems and. Information about electrical work licences and certificates. Use the menu on the right to find what you need. You need an electrical licence before you can do any electrical wiring work in NSW, regardless of the cost of the work and regardless of whether the work is residential, commercial or industrial

ED/Corp Discounted maintenance electrical, automation and hydraulics certificate courses. Low cost site licenses, unlimited users, for schools and corp training departments April 2, 2018. , 1:13 pm. , Electrician. Stroma Certification Third Party Electrical scheme offers certification to electricians, allowing them to sign off electrical work carried out by a third party. As a Stroma electrician members, this enables Trowbridge Electrical to provide a service which differentiates us from other electrical contractors How come there are 3 properties to sign off? Napits a 1 man Band camp you wouldn't be napit and a larger it simply wouldn't pay to do so ? If doing three properties completing simultaneously isn't strange enough (most would do one ensure there paid on completion bill and issue certs with payment start next ) Also you'd have outstanding monies on 3 properties bankrupt persons tend to.

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  1. imum of 8 hours of code update and 4 hours of RCW/WAC review.. If you pay your renewal fee but have not completed your continuing education requirements, your certificate will be placed.
  2. Florida Sign (Electrical) Contractor License. The scope of certification includes the structural fabrication including concrete foundation, erection, installation, alteration, repair, service and wiring of electrical signs and outline lighting. The scope of certification shall not include the provision of, or any electrical work beyond, the.
  3. The ONLY aspect you can realistically resolve is to get your sparks work signed off. This can now be in the form of an EICR, which is not a certificate, but a report, only the spark who did the work is legally able to certify. Its a mess. No easy solution but my advice is to avoid getting in to any issues outside of the certificate from your.
  4. Electrical trainees and apprentices must have a trainee certificate and work under the supervision of a certified electrician. They must renew their certificate every 2 years until they pass an exam to become a journey level or specialty electrician. Apprenticeship requirements after July 1, 2023: If you are on track to have 8000 hours of.
  5. If the above is true forget the indemnity policy option and just pay the extra to get it done by someone qualified AND able to sign it off. If i were buying a house with electronics not signed off I would either walk away or offer a massivley lower price regardless of indemnity insurance. 0. 18 September 2011 at 9:50PM

(4) Certificate of Electrical Inspection (Form BEC 16A, for Bulletin 8, Bureau of Electrical Control, DOB) or contractor's affidavit if the Certificate is not applicable (e.g., if boiler only); and (5) Certificate of Approval for Oil Burning Installation (B Form 16A, Sign-off, DOB) Electrical Apprentices benefit from having on-site experience and guidance from experienced Electricians along with technical training at a college or training centre. An Electrical Apprentice will be studying to achieve a Level 3 technical certificate and an NVQ or a Level 3 Diploma As a holder of this qualification, you will demonstrate to your customers that you are a competent installer or tester, and are up to date with national requirements for the industry, which gives you the right to sign off the electrical certificates required by the BS 7671 and also by the Part P of the Building Regulations An electrical Certificate of Verification (COV) for residential property can often be requested by insurance companies during the sale & purchase of property. In particular, older properties are more likely to receive a request for a COV from an insurance company. Insurance compliance is normally a vital requirement for banks to sign-off on.

THIS CERTIFICATE IS A VALUABLE DOCUMENT AND SHOULD BE RETAINED FOR FUTURE REFERENCE This Electrical Isolation Certificate form is intended for controlling electrical work on an existing electrical installation. You should have received an original Certificate and the EAP should have retained a duplicate Electrical Installation Certificate or Electrical Installation Condition Report. (ix) When making out and signing a form on behalf of a company or other business entity, individuals should state for whom they are acting. (x) Additional forms may be required as clarification, if needed by ordinary persons, or in expansion, for large (6) Where the intention is to supply five or more users from a new point of supply, the user shall appoint an approved inspection authority for electrical installations or a person deemed competent in terms of paragraph (b), (c) or (d) of the definition of a competent person in regulation 1 of the General Machinery Regulations, 1988, or a. The letter of completion of work example below, which is often called a certificate of completion in construction, serves to eliminate these issues by turning your letter of completion into a smarter digital document - which more closely resembles your other important project information Please complete the Wiring Statement - Certificate of Electrical Inspection Form.pdf and submit the completed form to your local office. Contractor safety information Keeping you safe when you perform work in our service territory is our first priority

This is page 1 of 1 (This thread has 25 messages.) To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. NHBC, building regs, gas/electric certificate HELP. We are now nearly 3 months it to trying to purchase our house. The whole process has been awful as both our vendors and. What is a rough-in inspection and when does it take place? A rough-in inspection takes place when all branch circuit wiring and outlet boxes are installed, before the wiring is hidden by insulation, vapour barrier, drywall, etc

This is the problem with PIRs as opposed to EICs/MWCs. An EIC/MWC will state that the work complies with BS7671, if it is discovered at any time that the work does not comply, then whoever has signed the certificate, can be brought to task about issuing a fraudulent certificate A completion certificate helps ensure building work is safe. When building work has been inspected by suitably competent building control surveyors, with a completion certificate issued at the end, it means that as far as the surveyor is able to ascertain, the work done has complied with the building regulations If the building control work was carried out by your local authority, you should contact them to obtain a copy of a completion certificate or full plans approval notice. If, however, the building control work was carried out by an Approved Inspector, you should contact them for copies of any initial notices, plans or final certificates instead However, you must recognise that in order to acquire a legal Electrical Safety Certificate, all electrical work must be inspected and signed off by a licenced electrician. Most electricians will not be willing to sign off another person's work, for risk of liability and reputation. Types of Electrical Safety Certificates Small/simple, under 6 kVA sign-off. This is a simple checklist for systems coming under the BS 7909 'Small/simple, under 6kVA' category. It gives the user an 'aide-memoire' and also documentation that goes to show basic checks and testing has been completed, which may be requested by venue owners or similar

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(20) Electrical Sign Apprentice--An individual, licensed as an electrical sign apprentice who works under the on-site supervision of a master electrician, a master sign electrician, or a journeyman sign electrician, on behalf of an electrical sign contractor performing Electrical Sign Work as defined by this chapter The Certificate of Compliance (CoC) is a declaration by the registered person that the electrical installation has been carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 and the regulations hereunder In order to obtain this certificate, the relevant inspector needs to have been notified before the works start and will inspect at the beginning and during the course of the works. Building regulation requirements do change over the course of the years and with works that were carried out a long time ago, say 20 years, you often find completion. What this means for tradespeople. Tradespeople cannot sign off their own notifiable electrical work by just obtaining the Part P qualification. You will need to join a Part P Scheme Provider in order to sign off your notifiable work. The most notable Part P Competent Person Schemes are NICEIC and ELECSA

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  1. Most building projects in Denver require general construction permits as well as trade-specific permits, like electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits. Before permits are issued, a plan review is required to evaluate the project and ensure it will meet building, zoning, and fire codes. See below for a list of building permits and applications
  2. Part P Compliance. It's been reported that 80% of people are unaware that certain electrical work in the home must legally be carried out by either a registered electrician or signed off by the local council's building control. There are two options when looking for an electrician to carry out electrical work in your home, both involve compliance with Part P
  3. g the electrical work in your home. Only a registered electrical contractor or licensed electrician can issue it. A COES confirms the electrical work carried out has been tested and complies with the Electricity Safety Act 1998 and the.
  4. A certificate of occupancy serves as proof that a property has complied with all standards and codes and is now fit for occupancy. Depending on what the structure is used for, this could be occupancy by a residential tenant, by a commercial tenant or by a retail store and its customers. C
  5. as an electrical contractor. DO NOT fax, mail, drop off, courier, or send by any other means any of the forms to us. The only acceptable procedure is for the master to appear in person with the required forms, letters, and insurance certificates in their POSSESSION. Renewals require the renewal form only

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Certification by a registered third party. 3.5 Before work begins, an installer who is not a registered competent person may appoint a registered third-party certifier (electrical contractor or electrician who is a registered member of a Part P registration body) to inspect and test the work as necessary Online Help for Department of Buildings Self-Service Tools. Let us know how we can help you by filling out the form below. General inquiries will receive a response within approximately 3 business days. Requests for supersedes and withdrawals may take up to 3 weeks to be processed. Help us help you by selecting the appropriate Module (the tool. When is the best time to get Combela involved in order to sign off your design? Typically at the start of the project. In order to ensure compliance with the Australian standards and the Act. What sort of design can Combela sign off? The designs can be in the area of civil, structural and electrical

HIGHWAY. Address Certificate and Sewer Availability Form. Encumbrance Application/Permits. Excavation Permit. Monitoring Well Permit. Pipe Layer Certification Application. Sewer Permit / Repair or Connection Application General Search. General Search Search by Address Search by Licensed Professional Information Search by Record Information Search by Contact. Search for Records. 1. Select the search type from the drop-down list above. 2. Enter information below to search for records. • Address. • License Information Whatever your area of specialty in the electrical field, NFPA certifications can help you prove your knowledge, proficiency, and professionalism. To learn more about group certification programs for your organization, call 617-984-7509 or email us. Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional Danger Electric Fence Bilingual Sign. From $30.99 To $39.99. Supplied in: Sign. 1. 2. Make sure your facility is compliant with OSHA, ANSI and other safety regulations with electrical safety, arc flash, and lockout signs. They're made from a variety of materials including: aluminum, steel, plastic, foam adhesive, adhesive vinyl, and magnetic. High level commissioning and sign off process 1. Solar PV system needs to be designed by installer and signed off by Pr. Engineer or Pr. Technician Eng. 2. Installation realised under a qualified & registered electrician. 3. Electrician provides CoC (Certificate of compliance) for installation 4. Installer provides a signed off as-built drawing.

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This certificate of completion construction template and sample can be copied or used to make your own certificates of completion better. Construction projects are hard and typically stressful work for all parties, so when the time arrives to create and sign off on the project, everyone is usually pretty happy and relieved Project Client Acceptance and Sign-Off Form. This form can be used to record the client's sign-off and officially bring the project to a close. Use this form when the project outcome has been measured against its acceptance criteria and has been formally accepted on behalf of the client. and a place to reference or record very high level. Upon submission of a satisfactory report of final inspection and all required submittal documents, the department shall document the sign-off of the project and issue a letter of completion, or, if applicable, a certificate of occupancy for the work Off-Site Sign Periodic Inspection Program (OSSPIP) The OSSPIP Section is dedicated to conducting a fee-supported program approved by the City Council for on-going periodic inspections of all off-site signs in the City which includes an evaluation of the sign's safety and legal status and compliance to the codes

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Electrical Safety Inspection Checklist. Use this template to assess the compliance of electrical safety measures for a given worksite. Do a site walkthrough and inspect the electrical tools and equipment being used (e.g switches, power lines, appliances, installations, wiring, cables and cords) Item Responsible for Acceptance Work acceptable for sign off Outstanding Items Notes Project Handover Checklist & Client Acceptance Document Electrical Services Lighting. 5.4 5.5 Directory of manufacturers and key suppliers CERTIFICATES AND APPROVALS Lifts (passenger & goods) Safety ring bolts Boilers & pressure vessels Mechanical. All the certificates in our massive collection of templates are easily customizable so you can make any design your own. When you've locked your sights on a specific layout, you can edit your selected free, printable certificate of completion template via our user-friendly drag-and-drop tools This pdf contains 77 electrical inspection checklists taken from the 2014 Electrical Inspection Manual with Checklists. The checklists are in PDF format and can be completed electronically or printed and used as hard copy. The checklists are intended to help inspectors keep track of the numerous aspects of an electrical installatio

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The electrical box I used have these bendable tabs where the cable enters. Well one of these tabs snapped off. The inspector told me I need to plug it. I'll probably use insulation and jam it in the hole here. 6. Use Correct Breaker. Another correction I'll have to make is the circuit breaker I installed.. Part P Third Party Certification Schemes - Certify Others Electrical Work. On 6th April 2014 that an official Government approved register was finalised finally ending the confusion about insurance and work guarantees that surrounded third party electrical work sign offs. The bodies that have been authorised to operate schemes are listed on.

Certification Validity - Feedback from Elize Gabriel from Techno Group. Dear Mr Koegelenberg. The first step would be to assess what is causing the tripping problem (when does the power trip) and if the Main Switch is also the Earth leakage Switch, this should be indicated on the Electrical Certificate you received, Page 3 , the block below next to main switch will be tick Nope, they will only sign it off when the building work meets the standards laid down. I lived in mine for over 7 years before I got the completion certificate. There was a reason for that, but building control never knew that until much later and no one seemed to care. They only cared that we were paying council tax A Certificate of Non-Registration is a prepared statement of the absence of a registration during a given time period, also called a No Record Verified Certificate. The Certificate of Non-Registration is used mainly for court actions, involving contractors and/or registrants, and is admissible in court as prima facie evidence of the facts.

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The warning will state that the individual must apply for an electrical training certificate or be qualified for and apply for electrician certification under the requirements in RCW 19.28.191(1)(g) within thirty calendar days of the warning. Only one warning will be issued to any individual. sign (as specified in WAC 296-46B-920(2)(d. Apply for a licence, registration, certificate, permit, exemption etc. Renew Renew or update a licence, registration, certificate, permit, etc. Notify Notify us of employment change, address change, workplace injuries etc. Complaints Make a complaint or provide feedback to the Department. Pa Following the electrical testing and inspection, you will be issued an Electrical Condition Report (EICR) for the fixed wire test. A satisfactory EICR issued by a competent and qualified individual confirms compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 The definition of an electrical certificate of compliance as defined by the Occupational Health and Safety Act: certificate of compliance means ­. (a) a certificate with a unique number obtainable from the chief inspector, or a person appointed by the chief inspector, in the form of Annexure 1, and issued by a registered person in respect of.

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Training Requirements in OSHA Standards . Occupational Safety and Health Administration U.S. Department of Labor. OSHA 2254-09R 201 The law is black and white when it comes to working on the electrical and plumbing systems in your home. If it’s much beyond changing a light bulb or a tap washer, you will probably need to. This must be prior to the covering of wires and completion testing inspections in accordance with BS 7671. This is to allow the said Competent Person to sign an Electrical Installation Test Certificate compliant with BS 7671 and any defective work found will have to be corrected

Overview Signs must comply with the Sign Ordinance or with the specific sign program in effect for the property. Generally, a sign program will exist for any retail center, site with multiple owners, or multi-tenant building/multi-tenant site. Contact the Planning Counter at dac@cityofirvine.org to confirm the requirements in place for the property, and for the type of sign An EICR is the safety certificate and report that an electrician supplies following an inspection of your property. Campaigning charity Electrical Safety First recommends getting an EICR done every 10 years in a private property. Landlords are encouraged to get a new EICR each time they change their tenants, or every five years, whichever is. For landlords and anyone seeking a condition report for the entire property, you'll need an Electrical Installation Condition Report, this is often to referred to as a certificate, but technically it's a report. These typically cost between £100 and £250 for an average 2 or 3 bedroom home with reasonably new wiring Works Needing Certification. The regulatory system promotes safety by, amongst other things, specifying who can carry out electrical work, how it is certified and what standards apply. In order to achieve the objective and requirements of the legislation, the scope of those electrical works that will require certification have been defined In St. Louis we can take a test to get certified. The test is pretty easy (I mean electricians need to pass this) and costs about $50. Not sure if this sort of scenario is available in your area but if I were you I would get some credentials so you can sign off on home inspections and make more $$

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For instance, when a boiler is installed into an existing family residential home, a Gas Safe certificate evidencing the compliance with building regulations would be sent; however, should you expect to receive the same certificate even though the boiler was installed during the course of construction and the property received a final sign off. Beginning July 1, 2023, to qualify to take the journey level electrician's certificate of competency examination, an individual must have successfully completed an apprenticeship program approved under chapter 49.04 RCW or equivalent apprenticeship program approved by the department for the electrical construction trade in which the applicant worked in the electrical construction trade for a. ELECSA provides inspection, assessment and certification services to contractors working across the building services sectors. ELECSA is authorised to deliver the following schemes: Part P for those contractors working with electrical installations in private dwellings. Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) for those contractors installing. Certificate of Occupancy. Before an owner/tenant can occupy or change the title of a house or apartment it must meet certain requirements. All commercial occupancies require approval to operate. This approval is granted, after Zoning Officer approval, and after a fee has been paid and all inspections have been satisfied TESDA Online Program (TOP) is a web-based platform that offers free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for the technical education and skills development of the Filipino workers. Through the use of information and communication technologies, the TOP provides an effective and efficient way to deliver technical-vocational education and training at the learner's own space and time

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Aircraft. Certification of aircraft by the FAA ensures that commercial and general aviation aircraft meet the highest safety standards, from initial design to retirement. This page outlines the aircraft certification processes, lists important aircraft safety information, and provides guidance on general aviation aircraft A-Grade Electricians are fully qualified electrical professionals. They are licensed to work unsupervised and to sign off on all electrical works on behalf of a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC). Choose A-Grade Licensed Electricians and you get: A fully qualified electrical professional; The highest standards of electrical safet Agents and landlords will need to ensure electrical installation condition reports (EICR) are carried out for all new tenancies in England from 1 July 2020 or from 1 April 2021 for existing tenancies. Independent recommendations published included: 5 yearly mandatory electrical installation safety checks for all private rented properties

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Contractor License Forms. Tennessee (Electrical or General Building or HVAC or Masonry or Multi-Family or Plumbing or Residential or Sprinkler & Fire Protection) Please Contact our office via Email at Licensing@wv.gov or by phone (304)558-7890 Even this is a bit odd with some councils not having staff to do the job so they get an electrical installation condition report done by a third party then sign it off on the strength of that. The IET/BSi BS7671:2008 states only the person in control of the work being done can sign an installation or minor works certificate There are two UKAS accredited schemes for approving those who install fire detection and fire alarm systems. One is the Loss Prevention Council (BRE Certification) LPS 1014 scheme. The other is the BAFE SP 203 scheme. Most building insurers will want you certificate issue with you registration number on the cert Electricians must issue a certificate of compliance to the consumer after completing any electrical work ready for the power to be connected to it. Certificates of compliance are legal documents required under the Electricity Act 1996. Only people with an appropriate licence can legally fill out a certificate of compliance and certify work An Armored Car Guard is an individual employed by a licensed armored car carrier. Provides services included in the practice of cosmetology, esthetics, nail specialty, natural hair styling & waxing. Apprehends individuals who have failed to appear on bond or bail & surrenders them to the appropriate jail or court

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