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  1. Follow. i'm behind a couple days of drawings... been a bit busy with work. but i got to see beauty and the beast this past weekend! i really enjoyed it, so here's a little doodle of beast (in a box, cuz why not) and belle reading a book together. #beauty and the beast #beast in a box #reading books. insankimezarblog
  2. 86. Notes. photography look! at all the trees!! apple trees are truly superior. may reading wrap-up. i really got into a good reading roll for one week this month and read a book a day for that whole week, so for once i have enough books to justify a reading wrap up. so, the books and some thoughts. battle of the labyrinth by rick riordan.
  3. Gifts From The Past is a five-card spread designed for deep reflection with an emphasis on accountability and healing. Burn the past and plant seeds for the future (quite literally!). This spread is a great start to a new year or season. (Text: Gifts From The Past - What to leave behind, and what to carry forward

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For the newcomers, my name is seitaglia but you can call me Mae. I am new to the tarot and spiritual community here on Tumblr. If you ever feel like talking to me, feel free to approach me. . For this PAC Reading, I decided to use Miya Atsumu from Haikyuu! If you love Miya Atsumu, go slide to my DMs or ask box LMAO Me, reading. Book reviews by Pihla. An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green. Just because you can't imagine something . doesn't mean you can't do it.. Elena history grad student she/her. A basket full of books is all you need. 153270007 Retro Reading Time. text. May 30, 2021 2:02 pm. silverwolf comics Kris Silver The Eradicators Grips The Dungeoneers Fat Ninja Ron Lim retro reading 80's comics comics indie comics The SilverWolf Bulletin. Hope you're ready for more Robo, because Ed Naha's novelization of the sequel is out today

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  1. About women. fem-reading. To imply that all women suffer the same oppression simply because we are women is to lose sight of the many varied tools of patriarchy. It is to ignore how those tools are used by women without awareness against each other. An Open Letter to Mary Daly
  2. Tumblr is so easy to use that it's hard to explain. We made it really, really simple for people to make a blog and put whatever they want on it. Stories, photos, GIFs, TV shows, links, quips, dumb jokes, smart jokes, Spotify tracks, mp3s, videos, fashion, art, deep stuff. Tumblr is 500 million different blogs, filled with literally whatever
  3. yaoi-reading. index ask home archive random mal archive. nata and her manga. we must take sides. neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. navigation. home archive random ask mal. Pink to Mameshiba. 10 July 2. #Pink to Mameshiba #Kurahashi Tomo

I request everyone reading this to send me your feedback by asks, comments or dms as I know the only way I will get better with this is with your honest opinions. Thank you. Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Chapter 8. Chapter 9. Chapter 1 Last Night's Reading. Angie Thomas at the American Library in Paris, 1/23/20. angie thomas the hate u give on the come up lit quote. Sharlene Teo at Columbia Global Center, Paris, 11/13/19. sharlene teo lit quote books writing. Sonia Sanchez at Maison de la Poésie, 11/10/19. sonia sanchez lit quote books poetry See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wann A lot of it comes from not healing some part of your life. This ask game will help you figure out what you need to heal from. To participate, you need to follow these rules: 1. Send an ask off anon with the emojis: . If you are an anon, you need to send an ask with the 2 emojis and your initials so I can easily identify who you.

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See a recent post on Tumblr from @serenheist about kpop tarot reading. Discover more posts about kpop tarot reading 1.0m members in the tumblr community. /r/tumblr is your destination for Tumblr related discussions, jokes, screenshots, and more bookeworm94:. Me, trying to sound impressive: Yeah, I invest most of my money. Person: You know, buying books doesn't count as Me: Shhhhhhhhhhh. Yes it does. (via bookeworm94-deactivated20200223

Written on Sunday 17, 202 Tumblr. like. 20328. Notes. because you all have been asking dark academia light academia aesthetic fall autumn outfits style looks studyblr booklr. eternalletoile reblogged this from almostreading. eternalletoile liked this. crackedconspiracy liked this. the-blood-on-my-sleeves liked this


2021 Fic Reading Challenge Stats - January to April. The challenge is here: @fanfic-reading-challenge You can join at any time, and no sign ups are required! — @juuls suggested an update post with my numbers for Jan-April.I have created quite a pretty nifty spreadsheet so I can gather all sorts of stats for myself AND the actual fic challenge is coming along nicely too Ur Kpop Psychic. Kpop Psychic Fien - Senior Caretaker as part-time job - automatic writer - Clairsentient - claircognizant - Now im developing my clairvoyance - I use Tarot and Oracle cards for my kpop readings - I use my knowlegde and intuition and I am here to help and motivate you and be your listening ear if you need a talk Absolutely Free Psychic Reading | 100% Free Chat. We help you find the best psychics in the world. Join them in free psychic chat and get absolutely free psychic reading. Visit our blog and see for yourself AbsolutelyFreePsychicReading.eu. Posts Keep reading. jun-reads. i have come back to this drabble so many times that i've actually lost count. i love this so much that i read it whenever i'm feeling down, or sad. it never fails to put a smile on my face. the only way i can describe the writing (or any of nana's writings, to be honest) is by saying that it reads like a waltz. readers-reading-readers. Readers Reading Readers — A Commonplace Part of the common S E N S E, an exhibition by Ann Hamilton, on view at Henry Art Gallery, from October 11, 2014 - April 26, 2015 on this site; on touch ; on the exhibition I was a human being.

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This Tumblr blog is now on Twitter. 拾 拾 (And there was much rejoicing. ) Hey hey, looks like the @mystrade-reading-club is reading The Ghost in the Graphite! Chs 1-6 will be discussed May 9th. Chs 7-14 for May 16th. Chs 15-25 May 23. Chs 26-32 May 30th The Reading Woman // Home / Archive / Theme. 664 notes. 1. thereadingwoman. The Reading Woman // Home / Archive / Theme. 664 notes. Install Theme. The inner child likes to have a favorite car or a doll and play with it, to invent new ways to look at things or use things, to run barefoot in the sand, to be curious about anything they see, touch or smell, to be hugged, a lot, to be spontaneous (but not impulsive), to be present in the moment, to find funny things around them wherever they. Hello i recently came across ur page on Tumblr and i am bery impressed and very curious about Jimin and Jungkook please do a reading for their relationship as recently they look like a newly wed couple and seem very different. It will be great if u can do a reading But it's good to consider the logical explanation first before we consider the occult, just to make sure we cover all the bases and to make sure we don't overthink. 1. Check your window or windowsill. Maybe there's something there; like insects and it was eating those. Pied Fantail birds also eat insects apparently

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My next reading will be up later this week (I've already done it and taken all of my notes. I just have to type it all out) so look foward to that as well! bts tarot bts readings bts reactions bts imagines seokjin jin suga yoongi min yoongi Hoseok jhope bts jhope namjoon rm bts rm bts jimin jimin park jimin taehyung bts v jungkook jk jeon. This is a tumblr for fictional characters reading books. Please don't hesitate to submit examples, or to ask me a question via the ask function! Enjoy! Ask Submit a post. April 7 2015. Tim Taylor of Home Improvement reading Winnie The Pooh And Tigger Too by Stephanie Calmenso

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The Backstagers (comic series) by James Tynion IV et al : Created by bi writer James Tynion IV and trans artist Rian Sygh, The Backstagers is an all-ages story about the behind-the-scenes adventures of a high school stage crew.The comic book series is unabashedly queer, filled with gay, bi, and trans characters bliss // 2021. my username is theartsybookworm after all, so here's some art as i take a break from book reviews! this illustration is from a larger project, but i thought it looked pretty cool on its own. instagram @art .by.zam. thisisatagforartists artists on tumblr digital art illustration art student aesthetic art reading-by-osmosis. Reading by Osmosis. Nature Interprets Us About Exhibition Book Press. 12 Dec . 29 Nov. Crow's nest made out of clothes hangers . 29 Nov. Powered by Tumblr - Quite Big theme by George Dunkley. Do you have a reading goal? I don't . Ever since I joined bookstagram I see people race themselves and each other to read as much books as they can and even blame themselves in case they did not read for a while or not posting which is totally okay your mental health, personal life and well-being should come first A Reading Retirement. John Saxon's best role is as the lead in War Hunt (1962), a forgotten classic of American independent film. He is simply amazing as a psychotic soldier, and backed by a most interesting cast: Robert Redford (feature debut!), Sydney Pollack, Tom Skerritt, Gavin MacLeod

Topics of death/mental issues/suicidal thoughts and actions. Romantic relationships within the members of a group. I don't do gender specifics. in my K-Pop romantic relationship readings. I don't do readings on 'future wife/future husband' of an idol/artist because I prefer to keep all readings gender neutral If there's one thing sexier than a hot dude reading, it's a #hotdudereadingforacause. Today's magnanimous man-candy is showing off his charitable side with a beanie from @loveyourmelon, whose mission is to provide hats to kids afflicted with cancer 0:00. 0:00 / 2:06. Live. •. SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK and MORE — A Bad Lip Reading of the 2013 Spirit Awards Best Screenplay nominees. posted 05 March, 2013. by badlipreading. 97 notes for this post. Permalink / Short URL


Some of y'all need help.Looking for some cool snacks to try monthly, hit up Universal Yums by clicking here!http://www.universalyums.com?ref=pmseymourvaWant. Regular readers of our blog will recall that one of our favourite books of 2015 was Lindsay Litleson's Kelpies Prize winner The Mixed-Up Summer of Lily McLean, which we thought was a perfect middle-grade book, and a great book for keen and reluctant readers alike Feel free to dm me on twitter or on tumblr. I am curious about your observations. I wanna tell privately about what i feel and see in their energy. Thank you for understanding that it took me a small week to finish this reading. (I apologize that my reading is kinda short because i feel and see their is a lot going on Currently Reading Manga Follow. Now reading: My Hero Academia / Toilet-bound Hanako-kun Ask me anything. Anna Louise May (Mayastar) | Mystic, Muse & Artist. New tarot reading for the collective on Maya Muses today! www.mayamuses.net ♡. Today's reading is drawn from the #spiritsong tarot by #paulinacassidy ♡ Very exciting energies & opportunities opening up over the coming days! Also, updates for the upcoming Strawberry Supermoon Solstice.

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Keep reading. 15 hours ago. REBLOG. #Yoongi fic #min yoongi fic #suga fic #yoongi x reader #min yoongi x reader #suga x reader #yoongi #suga #bts x reader #bts fic #mygd #720 drabbles. Anonymous asked: miss yami!!!! for the request night, maybe nj + friends to lovers?? 梁梁 i'm so weak for mutual pining Books, Libraries, Reading Spaces, etc. the-reading-nook. The Reading Nook. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. The Reading Nook Books, Libraries, Reading Spaces, etc. Posts; Archive; quo-usque-tandem. 973 notes Dec 24th, 2018. Open in app. Other Hot Guys pages. Photos 3423. Notes. pierppasolini: Marlon Brando going over the script on the set of The Men, 1949. Photos 4212. Notes. jamesdeaner: James Whitcomb Riley was the poet of the Hoosier, and Jimmy loved to read from his work, which he did for me one day after dinner, to give me a feeling of the people and place whence he had. Tagging @lordjohngreyreadingnook for inclusion in the Lord John AU Event. Summary: The war has been over for months, and the Allied forces are slowly demobilizing. With the help of his friend and battle buddy Harry Quarry, newly-discharged John Grey ensures that Hector has a home waiting for him

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615 votes, 19 comments. 1.0m members in the tumblr community. /r/tumblr is your destination for Tumblr related discussions, jokes, screenshots, and extra vlogs: http://youtube.com/c/vloggery insta(+stories): http://instagram.com/emmablackery tumblr: http://emmablackery.tumblr.com reddit: https://www.redd.. Kim Taehyung Love language reading. And it seems like he's both eager to explore his sexuality but also sort of hesitant due to his previous experience that left him not as satisfied as he expected. And it seems he needs someone who likes to be dominant and submissive in bed, depending on how they feel in that moment

Face Reading: Eye Color. The meaning of eye colors does say much about a person. But then again it is more about the genetics you inherit. Personalities of individual to individual are different and it is certainly not about eye colors only. It might be true to certain extent that the color of your eye may have an impact on your personality but. Tumblr will take a 5 percent fee from subscriptions, which is competitive compared to Substack's 10 percent cut. If readers subscribe on iOS or Android, though, those platforms' 30 percent app. Reading Order Including Duke's major appearances and a reading order for them, compiled with help from various rec lists. *this is an On-going list, as Duke is an Active Character in the DCU. Be sure..


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Elena history grad student she/her. may reading wrap-up. i really got into a good reading roll for one week this month and read a book a day for that whole week, so for once i have enough books to justify a reading wrap up. so, the books and some thoughts 2. His life stories and experiences : I love reading stories, especially childhood ones, of others and some of the incidents in the book were so effing cute. And looking past the childhood cuteness, even the big things of his life, the big decisions - having such a personal knowledge about them was phenomenal. 3 Reading Ongoing: • My Hero Academia • My Hero Academia: Vigilantes • Hitoribocchi. thelreads. The L Reads — Reading. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. The L Reads Just a reader trying to get in the world of Manga.. Deja que tus ideas vuelen con la lectura (ilustración de Paco Roca) (via bibliolectors) Oct 12. 2017. bookwyvrn: My boyfriend is reading Harry Potter for the very first time. And just so he wouldn't have to borrow mine I gave him a second hand copy I found in a thrift store. It's so battered and it must have been soaked in water at one point

reading panels in dresden. 4 comics, 4 zeichner! adrian vom baur liest hipsters vs. katja klengel liest die schirmtanne. matthias lehmann liest ronny & walter, die reise. tim gaedke liest tesserakt, delta. 19 uhr , schauburg dresden —————————————————————— 28. mai 2016: reading panels auf dem. Things to Read (link to rebloggable version)Myths Featuring Loki: The Poetic Edda - main index. Shortcut to poems from the Poetic Edda featuring Loki: Völuspá: The creation myth, Ragnarok, and such; Þrymskviða: Loki and Thor crossdress to get Mjolnir back; Reginsmál: Loki pisses off a dwarf and inadvertently causes the Volsung Saga; Lokasenna: Loki crashes a party and challenges the gods. men reading. 'Hot Dudes Reading' Books On Trains Is The Hottest Instagram Right Now. Capitalizing on the fact that hot dudes look way hotter when they read, the Hot Dudes Reading Instagram is prowling the streets and subways of New York in search of hunks unwittingly showing off their more intellectual and tender sides Reading Electronic Gaming Monthly. I've read more than a decade of EGM. Here's some pieces. An interview with Kojima about Snake Eater. A big feature and interview on Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. A postmortem interview about San Andreas. A Halo 2 postmortem. A massive feature about Halo 2 (and a postmortem)

attractivepeoplereading. tumblr.com/submi I luv reading your writing but how is your healing coming along.? Thank you. for the compliment and for taking the time to reach out to me. I'm doing well. I've been meaning to write to let you guys know where I'm at in the process. But things are better. My healing has come a long way

Various pairings of drinks (mostly beer) and reading matter (mostly comics). Posts by Gene kannenberg, Jr. (GK) and, occasionally, guests. Ask or Tweet me to become a guest Summary: Lance is a flashy, corny, celebrity talk-show host with a hidden agenda. Keith is an adrenaline junkie who steals cars for a living and dreams about dying young. Their paths cross and it turns into a beautiful, stupidly angsty mess. Rating: R; minor character death, crime fighting, angst, smut, depression Share. I just finished The Name Of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. And I'm making a new bit called Book Experience which I will write a spoiler-free review but from the point of view of my experience reading it. (Haven't seen anything like it on the internet, so I hope it's a new way to show the potential of books He is finally reading Homestuck. Go say hi to him, follow his blog! I'm gonna be his ask screener so you can say hi to me over there too, but please send him some love. He's hilarious. Go go go! Posted 5 years ago. 11 notes. Tagged: readinghomestuck, message, art, dbag. Franklin Park Reading Series. The Franklin Park Reading Series is a monthly series based at the Franklin Park Bar and Beer Garden in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. We feature emerging and established fiction writers, memoirists, essayists, and poets and showcase a wide range of voices, reflecting our community's cultural diversity

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Reading the Fantastic 21/02/2017. Polar Fantasies. For our next meeting (21st February, 5-7 pm, Leeds Humanities Research Institute, University of Leeds), we will read about 'polar' fantasies: an Inuit myth on the mysterious Angakok, a shaman-like figure who communicates with spirits, with the help of bears and walruses; and the Classical origin of the word 'Arctic', from the story of. (BRIEF) JEON JUNGKOOK'S SOULMATE READING - brought to you by judgment Jeon Jungkook's soulmate's placements seem to be clear. With a leo sun and an aquarius moon that lies in its latest decan, recieveing strong influences from venus and the moon Here is the best mailshake alternatives https://www.alvinfooseo.com/mailshake-alternative Hi, everyone!! Welcome to the official page for ALL MAGAZINE! Happy to have you here! The first publication will be posted on Friday, 4/25/21! Until then, make sure to follow the IG (click the photo). - G

And May is done! The past few months have been bizarre to say the least, but May marked the start of [maybe] getting back to normal. I started May fresh off the heels of the O.W.L's Magical Readathon, with my last book read being House of Earth & Blood so I didn't quite feel like diving into another book right away.I also started working again the second week into March, which felt. 0. READING/WRITING STARTER PACK I advise reading each post in the order that I have them in, as they've been ordered in a logical way to ease your learning. Make sure you have a firm grasp of this.. That means a mobile mechanic Reading must be prepared to develop an entirely variety of repairs including these related to the electrical devices. When you operate a business and possess a fleet of cars and trucks, they could soak up a lot of financial resources in several ways. Fleet care demands retaining personnel that has the mandatory. tumblr; drakensberg: The reading comprehension and overall common sense on this website is piss poor. how dare you say we piss on the poor (Source: drakensberg-blog) Notes. starry-sea liked this . staubhase reblogged this from thelonelyselkie. thelonelyselkie.

This is a tumblr for fictional characters reading books. Please don't hesitate to submit examples, or to ask me a question via the ask function! Enjoy! Ask Submit a post. October 2 2011. Gil Ra Im of Secret Garden reading Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Gil Ra Im Secret Garden Alice In Wonderland Lewis Carroll. 4 PM Keep reading. 7 years ago / 7 notes #questions #bladekindeyewear. Pages 60 - 144. Okay, so! Onwards and upwards, I suppose. Keep reading. 7 years ago / 21 notes #homestuck #homestuck liveblog #reading homestuck #and on we go #i gotta change my picture to TT but I don't know what she looks like yet so I can't #ugh. Official Tumblr of We Need Diverse Books. literature that reflects and honors the lives of all young people. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, Carolrhoda Books has released Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre by celebrated author Carole Boston Weatherford and award-winning illustrator Floyd Cooper

3. Reading Miss Fisher: About fanfiction as a genre (2016-02-24) 4. Reblog with comments: Fanfiction as a genre (2016-02-25) (with an excellent addition by @jasbeaux ) Thematical: 5. Reading Miss Fisher: Knitwear, a bit of family, and Jack's home (2016-02-29 In romance reading it can represent a relationship driven by love and hate. The attraction is there but sometimes you just feel that you are better off without each other. Yet the breakup does not happen so there are some frustrations. Honeymoon:This card indicates you need to get away and nurture a romantic love I found Mike Majlak's Tumblr blog from 6 years ago. He was 30 years old at the time!! Logan Paul's assistant, Lana Rhodes Ex, Faze Bank's boyfriend, Hey Big. hiddendelivers. we read and deliver. kpop astrology & tarot. masterlist. . navigation. never malicious or biased, just interpreting cards and sharing the readings. about answered twitter. masterlist The Adventures of China Iron by Gabriela Cabezón Cámara, translated by Fiona Mackintosh and Iona Macintyre, is loosely based on the epic gaucho poem Martin Fierro, but don't worry if you haven't read it.While reading a short summary of it allowed me to catch some of the play on the original, the subversion of this version, it wasn't necessary for the plot

So, since last night, I've punched chapter 7 up to 4,425 words from 0. Y'all know my average is 10K per chapter. So I'll see if I can get this chapter of NtC up before tonight. If I can, I have a soft goal of OA chapter 10 being up by Monday night. writers 4am fanfic my writing writer here spiderman marvel Summer Reading at New York Libraries and the Common Core - A flyer detailing how reading over the summer relates to the Common Core Learning Standards. 8.5 x 11 On Your Mark, Get SetRead! Posters - Regular-paper-sized posters of the 2016 summer reading theme slogan for children and early learners We are here to give a range of expert expert services for example netball court construction and repairs and maintenance for a range of designs and features Reading Chinese Names: Female Names. One thing I have noticed recently is that many Chinese learners are not well-equipped to read Chinese names. This is because textbooks usually have names like 王朋 and 张天明 that use basic characters learners already know Please see the booklists below! Note that the YA and Adult booklists are not curated for quality. The books listed are not necessarily recommended by me; the two lists are simply a more responsible organization of all reviews, good and bad

Mowgli Omari – BOOOOOOOM! – CREATE * INSPIRE * COMMUNITYWomen’s Everyday Problems Illustrated By Romanian Artist

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Reading Chinese Names: Male Names. Part 2 of Reading Chinese Names, click here to see part 1 on female names! In this part, I compiled a list of over 1000 Chinese male names which combined consisted on 579 unique characters. These names came from participants on idol survival shows and other singers and actors monster omens 1-6 begin reading ahead on patreon :) NEXT. Posted 1 year ago. 918 notes. Tagged: ineffable husbands, monster omens, good omens, good omens fanart, my art, crowley, aziraphale. Personal reading : We accept personal reading but you'll have to pay ( by PayPal ). So if you're interested DM me (Admin L ) on Instagram (@/lyssacraft_) or for Admin S (@/peaching_crossing) our price will depend on your demand : 2€ -> 1 pendulum question; 5€ -> reading past, present, future, response 8€ -> cardinal reading

Highline Chelsea Loft by Robertson Tait / New York18 Beautiful Balcony Decorating Ideas To Make Your DreamMini Cactus Gardens That Will Leave You Speechless