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Ouray to Silverton drive. (tap on any row to expand for more details) Ouray. Day 1, 9:00 am. drive for about 3.5 hours. [ read more ] Arches National Park. Day 1, 12:39 pm. stay for about 1 hour and leave at 1:39 pm Ouray to Silverton by Jeep Perhaps my favorite four wheel drive road is Corkscrew Pass. Not too technical, but with plenty of drama, the road encompasses all of the majesty of the San Juans. Heading south about 9 miles on 550 from Ouray, the entrance to Corkscrew is easy to find The scenic drive on Colorado's Million Dollar Highway (U.S. Route 550), from Silverton to Ouray, just might be the most eye-popping, awe-inspiring drive we have ever taken. From the historic mining town of Silverton, Colorado, the two-lane highway meanders through Mineral Creek Valley and then proceeds through a series of sharp grades and.

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This 45-minute trip is completed in only 10 minutes in this sped up version. Travels the scenic and harrowing Million Dollar Highway from Ouray to Silverton,.. The views along this road are beyond stunning, but you've gotta steel your nerves when you drive it, especially if you are in the passenger seat heading south from Ouray to Silverton. Nevermind the beauty. This road is one of the most hair raising and dangerous highways in America 4×4 Driving b/w Lake City, Ouray and Silverton Jeeping the Alpine Loop. Photo: Lake City Hinsdale County. Most of its parts, especially the highest loops, require the use of a high-clearance four-wheel drive vehicle. Rental services for off-highway vehicles are being offered by surrounding towns The drive along the Million Dollar Highway runs from Silverton to Ouray, Colorado, and is one of the most breathtaking mountain roads you can take in Colorado. This photo gallery shows you the scenery you'll take in as you wind along this gorgeous stretch Million Dollar Highway, part of the San Juan Skyway is one of the nation's most spectacular drives. Forget standard driving safety measures like guardrails a..

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Beautiful drive. My son lives there and did most of the driving in his 4 wheel drive. Glad we drove from Durango to Ouray though, instead of the other way. Some parts of Million Dollar can be scary looking over the edge! I heard the train ride is very scenic. We camped outside Silverton at South Mineral. Awesome place, even if you just drive. It was originally a wagon road between the mines in Ophir, Telluride and Silverton. Drive south of Ouray on Hwy 550 for 18.1 miles to the National Forest Access, Ophir Pass turnoff on your right. The ascent is gradual to the top, winding through aspen forests and past beautiful mountain wildflowers, to an elevation of 11,789.. The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum is offering a new, fun way to explore. The Train. If you're staying in Ouray, Telluride, or Silverton, then the Silverton Silverlight Express is the train for you. The ride will take you from these towns to Durango without the need for an early morning drive

Colorado's Scenic Million Dollar Highway: Silverton to Oura

The Alpine Loop travels through a surreal landscape of treeless tundra, wildflower meadows and the San Juan Mountains — passing over mining roads established in the late 1800s near Silverton, Ouray and Lake City. Begin in Silverton, which is a National Historic Landmark District noted for its quaint Victorian-era Main Street and famous Town Hall This drive climbs up 3 high mountain passes: Coal Bank Pass (10,640 ft), Molas Pass (10,970 ft), and Red Mountain Pass (11,018 ft). The stretch between Silverton and Ouray, the section of this highway considered most difficult, is only 25 miles in length but takes about 45 minutes Located 23 miles south of Ouray is the town of Silverton. Sitting pretty at 9,318 ft in elevation, Silverton brings all the Wild, Wild West vibes and charm. Established in 1874 as a mining settlement, Silverton is a tiny town of 600 inhabitants and like Ouray, Silverton is a beacon for outdoor enthusiast and history buffs. Things To Do In Silverton The Million Dollar Highway stretches for about 25 miles (40 km) in western Colorado and follows the route of U.S. 550 between Silverton and Ouray. It is part of the San Juan Skyway. Between Durango and Silverton the Skyway loosely parallels the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. The road climbs up to 3 very high mountain passes In southwest Colorado, everything seems a little bigger: higher mountains, bluer skies and so many activities you'll have a hard time choosing. Spending just two days in the towns of Durango , Silverton, Ouray and Pagosa Springs will give you a taste of the glories of true Southwest living. Previous. Shops in Durango's historic downtown.

All pictures below are from Ouray and our drive to Silverton with part of the Million Dollar Highway. Ouray. Ouray is known as the Switzerland of America. The whole town is registered as a Historic District and includes many buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. In the winter, Ouray is the Ice-Climbing Capital of Colorado Driving non-stop from Ouray to Silverton. How far is Silverton from Ouray? Here's the quick answer if you have friends taking shifts as driver so that you can make the entire trip by car without stopping. Nonstop drive: 1,177 miles or 1894 km. Driving time: 18 hours, 4 minutes 11. Drive The Million Dollar Highway. Silverton is on the Million Dollar Highway, one of the most scenic roads in Colorado. You can drive it either toward Durango or toward Ouray for different views. Drive it toward Durango and stop at the viewpoint above town for a gorgeous view of Silverton Driving the Million Dollar Highway. The paved, two-lane road climbs approximately 2,000 feet from Silverton to its summit at Red Mountain Pass and then drops another 3,000 feet en route to Ouray Ophir Pass (Silverton to Telluride) & Imogene Pass (the second highest drivable pass in Colorado from Telluride to Ouray) Both Pass trails are rated Moderate and require 4WD with high clearance & some experience. We made this a loop by driving from Ouray to Silverton to start Ophir Pass

Various roads running through the western San Juan Mountains allow for a scenic loop drive of about 245 miles, visiting all major towns and passing imposing mountain scenery all the way: CO 145 north from Cortez to Telluride, CO 62 east to Ridgway then US 550 south through Ouray, Silverton and Durango, with the loop completed by US 60 back to Cortez, past the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park The majority of Silverton visitors come in on the daily D&SNGRR locomotive. Most others are thrill seekers on the Durango to Ouray scenic road trip. Silverton is more touristy than Durango but still very fun to wander the quaint Victorian-era streets. Lodging choices are all either historic hotels or private B&Bs, no Hampton Inn here A two-hour break lets you stroll around the town of Silverton. I chose to drive from Ouray to Durango via the frightfully picturesque US Route 550, better known as the Million Dollar Highway. The Million Dollar Highway is a narrow, treacherous piece of road that veers up and down from Ouray to isolated Silverton

Million Dollar Highway - Ouray to Silverton, Colorado

That said, you have two options 1) simply drive all the way and then spend your time in the SW area of the state 2) take a couple of days to see things along the way to getting to the Ouray/Telluride area. Also, May is the off season in the high mountain areas (Ouray & Telluride and other small mountain towns) From Silverton: To reach the trailhead from the intersection of Highway 550 and the turnoff into Silverton (Highway 110), drive 2 miles north toward Ouray on Highway 550 and look for the turn off to South Mineral Campground which is Forest Road 585 (also called County Road 7 or South Mineral Road). This turn off is located between mile markers. The drive ends by coming out through Silverton, CO and then it's about a 45 minute drive (on a normal road!) through Red Mountain Pass back to Ouray. Driving the Alpine Loop is one of the most beautiful, tiring, scary and exhilarating off-road drives we've ever done Nowadays we generally have base camp in Ouray and make the drive between Ouray and Silverton in the Jeep. Mike . Mar 18, 2019 #12 AStravelers Well-known member. Joined Nov 14, 2016 Posts 1,591 Location San Antonio, TX. CAUTION: If this is the FIRST mountain route you have driven, then DON'T drive here I drove Silverton to Ouray last July in my 40′ Monaco. Disconnected my F150 tow and had my son drive behind me. Beautiful scenery at least from what my wife told me. I was too busy watching the road! Fun drive but not for the novice RV driver. Enjoy!

RV Trip on Colorado's Million Dollar Highway - Ouray to

The pass sits between Ouray and Silverton, approximately 20 miles north of Molas Pass. History Red Mountain Pass Road Workers Memorial. Photo: Jimmy Emerson, DVM. Between the Red Mountain Pass and Ouray lies the area known as the Red Mountain Mining District. This district has a rich history with a mining boom beginning in 1882 The Alpine Loop Backcountry Byway, a network of four-wheel drive roads that connect Lake City, Ouray, and Silverton, traverses passes up to 12,800 feet while showcasing old mines, ghost towns, natural wonders, beautiful wildflowers, and abundant wildlife. These roads were originally paths used by Native Americans crossing the region Traveling north from Silverton to Ouray may be your best bet if you're nervous about the steep edges. This direction allows you to hug the curves and stay away from the edges. Traveling south from Ouray to Silverton will leave you feeling like you're on the edge of the earth on this drive Long known for our hospitality and friendly residents, Ouray has been a home away from home for travelers, dating back to the City's beginning in 1876. From standard motels to charming bed and breakfasts, historic hotels, to cabins and condos, the choice is up to you. You'll be welcomed like family even if it is your first trip to Ouray

Alpine Loop Byway - Lake City-Ouray-Silverto

Alpine Loop drive takes 4-6 hours to cover the distance between Ouray, Lake City, and Silverton. You'd better allow 7 hours to fully enjoy the scenic beauty, however. Colorado's Alpine Loop is affectionately called the Switzerland of America for a reason! The Alpine Loop starts with the historic high-altitude town of Ouray One of the most scenic road trip routes in Colorado is up the Million Dollar Highway, a 25-mile stretch from Silverton to Ouray. Not for the faint of heart, follow hairpin turns up to one of the. The section from Silverton to Ouray boasts one of the most beautiful, jaw-dropping drives in the entire nation. This stretch of road is frequently called the Million Dollar Highway. Known for its mountain passes, high elevation, amazing scenery, steep cliffs, and other various adventures - this drive is not for the fainthearted, but worth every.

Million Dollar Highway - Silverton to Ouray, Colorad

  1. Trail Maps & Conditions, Ouray Colorado - Switzerland of America. Jeeps for Sale! 970.325.4484 | info@soajeep.com. Home. Jeep Tours. Alpine Loop Scenic Byway. Black Bear Pass. Engineer Pass
  2. Some of the most challenging sections are on Engineer Pass Road (or Ouray County Road 18). Built by Russian engineer Otto Mears in 1877, this used to be a major route between Silverton, Animas Forks, Ouray, and Lake City. Today, it's a rough gravel road that can't be driven from late October to late May
  3. g Boomers. Another explanation is that the construction of the road in the 1930's cost one million dollars per mile, or that the land cost a total of a million
  4. The loop connects Telluride, Ouray, Silverton and Durango among others, and takes about five hours to drive. The stretch between Ouray and Silverton skirts big cliffs and is known as the Million Dollar Highway. Overview. The San Juan Skyway is a 236-mile loop through the San Juan Mountains and arid plains of southwest Colorado. The well.

Alpine Loop. Length: 63 miles. Driving time: 4 to 6 hours. The Alpine Loop leaves pavement and people behind, crossing the remote, rugged, spectacular heart of the San Juan Mountains. It's demanding—the two 12,000-foot passes (Cinnamon and Engineer) require a high-clearance 4-wheel-drive vehicle—but the well-prepared motorist reaps. Jeeping 4WD & ATV Trails Map for Silverton & Ouray, Colorado. This area holds some of the most beautiful ATVing and 4x4 trails in the state. All the trails center around the San Juan Skyway Scenic Byway in Southwest Colorado & travel hundreds of miles through the Uncompahgre National Forest Our Silverton Silverlight Express is your ticket! This trip is ideal for passengers staying in Silverton, Ouray or Telluride wanting to experience the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad without making the early morning drive to Durango! Choose between any seating options on our 1:45pm train departure or 2:30pm departure from Silverton. The cheapest way to get from Ouray County to Silverton costs only $3, and the quickest way takes just 48 mins. Find the travel option that best suits you You drive from Telluride, CO 81435, USA and trip ends at Silverton, CO 81433, USA.. Along the way, you pass through Ouray, CO, USA. Now that you know that the driving distances between Telluride and Ouray and Silverton are 73 mi, would you like to view a more detailed map?Well there are a few different ones that you can view which provide a bird's eye view of the terrain on the road map from.

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The drive from Durango to Ouray via Colorado 550 (The San Juan Skyway) is one of the most gorgeous roads in the country. The drive itself is worth your time, but if you have time be sure to make stops along the way at the many waterfalls, hiking trails, and lakes along the road Drive The Million Dollar Highway. US Highway 550 is also known as the Million Dollar Highway. A stretch of this route will take you straight from Durango to Silverton in just over an hour. While it is a tricky road, it offers beautiful views of the nearby mountains Drive to and from the trails was cake. Also the trails in the morning on the weekday are quite deserted which was nice. Silverton has decent amenities downtown and can somewhat handle people. Ouray cannot but seems like Ouray has more housing options. Fuck Telluride. Its all uppity and whatnot The 26 highway miles between Silverton and Ouray follow an old toll road built between 1880 and 1884 by transportation magnate Otto Mears, nicknamed Pathfinder of the San Juans, to connect the Ouray and Silverton mining districts. The narrow track operated as a freight and stage line until Mears completed a railway from Silverton to the rich.

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Ouray, Telluride, and Silverton four-wheel drive trails revive Colorado's history. Ghost towns, mountains filled with old mines, and backcountry roads provide a glimpse into the roots of early western life. Some of these trails are not for the faint of heart and signs should be taken seriously when talking about the steepness of the grade You can also rent 4-wheel drive vehicles at several places in Ouray, but don't do this unless you are used to driving (or want to get used to driving) on very primitive mountain dirt roads. Go on to San Juan Range circle trip, Part IV (Durango, Mesa Verde National Park, Silverton, Telluride, etc.) Part I, Introductio For where to stay, other places to visit, ratings, and tourist information, read Ouray trip itinerary builder site. You can drive from Silverton to Ouray in an hour. Alternatively, you can drive. December in Ouray sees daily highs of 36°F and lows of 18°F at night. You will have some time to spend on the 1st (Wed) before leaving for home That is the magic of hiking Ouray-Silverton-Lake City! This is Colorado high country hiking at its best. The Famous Alpine Loop, an area of 4x4 mountain roads, connects these 3 historic mining towns. If you have a 4x4 vehicle, it is an absolutely thrilling experience to drive the loop. Access to some of the Lake City hiking trails is on this loop Ouray is located at (38.023217, −107.672178), in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern ColoradoIt is about 40 miles (64 km) south of Montrose.It is only 10 miles (16 km) northeast of Telluride, but due to the severity of the landscape, the drive is about 50 miles (80 km).Ouray is connected to Silverton and then Durango to the south by Red Mountain Pass which crests at just over 11,000 feet.

Ouray. Ouray is a Home Rule Municipality that is the county seat and the most populous city of Ouray County, Colorado, United States. To find maps, reviews, and more tourist information, use the Ouray route website. You can drive from Silverton to Ouray in an hour. In July, daytime highs in Ouray are 74°F, while nighttime lows are 52°F For example, the Alpine Loop is the only nationally designated four-wheel drive byway in the United States. We have a separate guidebook for this spectacular loop that takes you to the Town of Lake City and back. Another popular loop is the Ophir-Imogene Loop that takes you to Telluride and Ouray and back The San Juan Scenic Byway is a 236-mile loop of highway that travels through Southwest Colorado and includes the cities of Ridgway, Ouray, Silverton, Durango, Dolores and Telluride along the route. Along the Million Dollar Highway (the section of Highway 550 between Ouray and Silverton) waterfalls occur around every twist and turn in the road

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Gorgeous drive through some really fantastic country. Stayed overnight in an old mining town called Ouray. Great place! Ate some braised short rib and elk bolognese pasta at a place I believe was called Brickhouse. Darn good food. -The drive from Ouray to Silverton, CO along the Million Dollar Hwy is wild. Waterfalls around every bend The segment from Ouray to Silverton is called the Million Dollar Highway. But you can't put a price tag on this experience. The San Juan Skyway was designated by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation as an All-American Road, the highest level of designation, in 1996. It is one of 13 America's Byways® designated in Colorado

The 23-mile drive from Ouray to Silverton, CO features absolutely fabulous views on an incredibly nerve-racking road. It's completely worth it, though. My family goes on a lot of scenic drives and.. How long does it take to drive the Alpine Loop in Colorado? The expected driving time is 4-6 hours. Alpine Loop covers 63 miles of roads between the towns of Lake City, Ouray and Silverton. About two thirds of the route is dirt road suitable for 2-wheel-drive cars, so everyone can experience a portion of this scenic area

The highway runs 25 miles from Silverton to Ouray Colorado. Despite being called a highway, though, it takes 42 minutes to drive. This is because the road has some serious turns. We're talking take 'em at ten miles per hour hairpin turns turns The Million Dollar Highway: Durango, Silverton, Ouray. The Million Dollar highway (not to be confused with The Million Dollar Quartet!) is a part of Colorado Rt 550, which in this part of the state is known as the San Juan Scenic Byway. This particular part of the highway stretches from Silverton to Ouray, and causes some serious white-knuckle. Silverton and Ouray, Colorado have a variety of Jeep and ATV trails from easy graded roads up to one fairly difficult 4WD trail. There is an interactive map with ALL TRAILS in the region on one map so you can put them in perspective. All trails are detailed on this website with maps, descriptions and photos plus GPS & gpx tracks

Exploring the Small Towns of Ouray and Silverton. After exploring Black Canyon of the Gunnison the day before (full post here ), we spent a little time enjoying the small town charm of Ouray, Colorado before continuing on our way to Telluride. First things first thoughbreakfast at a local favorite spot, Roast & Toast Cafe As a City Councilor in Ouray, a small business owner in the city, an ADVrider, and long time 4wheel drive enthusiast; This was a wise decision for Silverton. Their town has been overrun with out of state visitors from regions of the country with little to no open trail access

Montrose to Ouray to Silverton Scenic Drive - Colorado

Cascade Canyon Express. Experience the world famous Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad's iconic canyon views along the highline on our shortest excursion offered. This 5 hour scenic steam train excursion is perfect for families with small kids, late risers, or anyone looking to experience the historic D&SNGRR with only a half day to spare Of course, when we say remote, we mean it; if you want to get to Lake City from either Ouray or Silverton, you're absolutely going to need four-wheel drive to do it! Silverton, Colorado As its name suggests, this city got its start as a mining town — and although most of those mines are tapped out today, it's still home to some tough but.

2 Days in Durango, Silverton & Ouray | ColoradoSwitzerland of America Jeeping 4WD & ATV Trails Map

Ouray is centrally located between the Towns of Silverton and Telluride within a 1 hour drive. Or, visit the epic mountain bike trails and shopping in nearby Ridgway. Bars & Shoppin Black Bear - Silverton and Ouray, Colorado. Drive south from Ouray on 550 to the Black Bear trail head. Follow the Black Bear track log. The trail here is an easy ascent. Soon a breathtaking view of Telluride comes into view. This is a must photo opportunity. Black Bear gets its difficult rating from the decent into Telluride Can You Drive from Telluride to Ouray? Those who enjoy a scenic drive are sure to love the trip that takes you from Telluride to Ouray on the San Juan Skyway. If you choose to travel the entire 236-mile loop, your route will take you through several towns in the mountains with elevations that range from 6,200 feet to over 11,000 feet

Great snow slide and snow tunnel on Ouray & Silverton wagon road ca. 1888. By the fall of 1883, Mears had completed the road from Ouray to Ironton, beating the Silverton road builders in the race to access the new mining district. As expected, freighting business boomed in Ouray, and the town entered a new era of prosperity. Toll gate on Bear. The pass is traversed by the Million Dollar Highway, U.S. Highway 550 between Ouray and Silverton, which is part of the San Juan Skyway Scenic Byway. The pass is known for being treacherous in the wintertime due to the steep 8% grade and switchbacks on the north side facing Ouray, though the entire road is paved Telluride vs Ouray vs Silverton. Taking a trip in mid September to San Juan Mountains and then over to Moab for Arches and Canyonlands. Interested in some hiking while there. Was thinking of staying in Telluride 3 nights, then drive through Ouray, and Silverton, and down to Durango. Stay one night in Durango, then over to Moab Oct 4, 2013 - This 45-minute trip is completed in only 10 minutes in this sped up version. Travels the scenic and harrowing Million Dollar Highway from Ouray to Silverton,..

RV Trip on Colorado's Million Dollar Highway - Ouray to

Silverton, Colorado was a mining town and is now dependent on tourism and the Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. We had lunch and then enjoyed the drive back to Ouray. Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Related The drive from Durango to Silverton is jaw dropping. You'll catch glimpses of Durango Mountain Resort, Engineer Mountain, and the Needles as you rise over and fall down from Molas Pass. Nestled in the heart of the San Juan Mountains between Red Mountain Pass and Molas Pass, Silverton is a small town with plenty of charm and grit More Silverton Camping The Best Ouray Camping. Technically, Ouray is north of the San Juan National Forest, but it's still a quintessential part of this drive, and some might say the most impressive of the entire stretch

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That is the magic of hiking Ouray-Silverton-Lake City! This is Colorado high country hiking at its best. The Famous Alpine Loop, an area of 4×4 mountain roads, connects these 3 historic mining towns. If you have a 4×4 vehicle, it is an absolutely thrilling experience to drive the loop. Access to some of the Lake City hiking trails is on this. In late July, 2018 my oldest son and I traveled a number of four wheel drive roads over high mountain passes in Colorado near the towns of Ouray, Silverton and Telluride. My son did the driving, I just hung on for dear life. All of the photos in this post (part 1) were shot with an iPhone with some editing in Lightroom Although it's only about 25 miles to drive from Silverton, Colorado, to Ouray, this road, which was rebuilt in the early 1920s at considerable cost (hence the name), requires navigating narrow lanes on the edge of steep cliffs—and no guardrails

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