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kosta boda shop Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei Regarded as one of Dale Chihuly's most quintessential pieces, Summer Sun is a 5.5 meter glass installation that captures the sun's fiery brilliance in glass. The piece is made of 1,573 individual glass elements that altogether weigh about 2,000 kilos and twist and turn from the center of the sculpture to form a spherical shape Murano Glass Art Glass Millefiori Horse by Murano Glass. $308. This gorgeous blown Murano glass horse sculpture represents the long-running artistic tradition of Murano glass combined with ingenuity and technical virtuosity of Murano glass masters. Using the most famous and distinctive ancient Murano glass technique- Millefiori (a thousand. Redegalli's most famous piece is Cascade, a 12-ton wave-shaped sculpture that was originally commissioned for the 1988 World Expo in Brisbane. Consistent with Cydonia's specialty, Cascade includes 500 precision-cut pieces of 6mm clear glass. Today, Cascade is on permanent display in the beautiful Adelaide Botanic Gardens - Firemans Bell sculpture by Jack Storms commissioned by the City of Pleasanton Firehouse Arts Center comprised of 8000 pieces of glass. - Optic Crystal Baseball Bat by Jack Storms comprised of 3000 pieces of glass, designed for former NY Yankees player Derek Jeter, commemorating his 3000th hit in the major leagues

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  1. Exclusive selection of Murano glass sculptures, figurines and statues, handmade by the most famose glass masters: Pino Signoretto, Barbaro, Tagliapietra, Salvadore, Rosin, Costantini, Cenedese, Donà, Walter Furlan and many more
  2. Stained Glass Window in Saint Patrick's Cathedral (Catholic) in Armagh is a window that depicts St. Patrick bearded, with a mitre and a shamrock in Saint Patrick's Cathedral (Catholic) in Armagh, Ireland...
  3. Morris is known for his glass sculptures that incorporate myth, ancestry, and ancient civilizations. Morris takes inspiration from Egyptian, Native American, and Asian cultures and makes pieces that honor the intelligence and tradition of peoples around the world
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  5. United States. Irving Amen (1918-2011}, stained glass. Gary Beecham (b. 1955) Howard Ben Tré (1949-2020) Martin Blank (b. 1962) Jean-Pierre Canlis (b. 1973) Frederick Carder (1863-1963, born in Staffordshire, England) Ed Carpenter (b. 1946
  6. Dale Chihuly (/ tʃ ɪ ˈ h uː l i /) (born September 20, 1941) is an American glass sculptor and entrepreneur. His works are considered to possess outstanding artistic merit in the field of blown glass, moving it into the realm of large-scale sculpture. The technical difficulties of working with glass forms are considerable, yet Chihuly uses it as the primary medium for installations and.

Fire and Water by Lisa Becker - Large (Art Glass Sculpture) Art Glass Sculpture - Created from hundreds of tiny, handcrafted murrini, this fused glass sculpture is a dazzling interplay of tranquil turquoise and fiery coral, orange, and cranberry hues. An open, negative space interior is surrounded by a 2.5 band of solid glass Art Glass Sculpture . Today's finest North American glass artists transform colorful, molten glass into a diverse array of art glass sculpture. These works of glass art may be blown, lampworked, flameworked, or fused to create pieces that add creativity and beauty to your home Worlds Largest Glass Sculpture - Bellagio, Las Vegas I couldn't have a list of glass amazement without featuring Dale Chihuly, the world's foremost glass artist and a true genius. His built the largest glass sculpture in the world which is on display on the ceiling of the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada Red Mandarin Basket is among glass sculptures by artist Dale Chihuly at the Chihuly Gallery at Bellagio, where Chihuly's Fiori di Como hangs in the hotel lobby. Celtic Emerald Persian Pair is..

The biggest collection of Murano glass artworks with more then 3000 objects in stock that permit us to send in prompt delivery, usefull for last time gift ideas. Free worldwide shipping is for all order. Our customer service is available from 9 am to 17 pm (italian time) in support chat, and 24 hour email answer. 100% Original Murano Glass From North American Artists This Art Glass Sculpture category represents works of art from internationally famous glass artists. We have Glass Sculpture created in calcedonia glass with metal stands, other glass sculptures are handmade flameworked sea life designs and some sculptures have a satin and gloss finish like the Serona Scupture Shayna Leib creates extraordinary glass-blown sculptures that encapsulate the fluid movement of ocean plant life and sea creatures. Each piece freezes a moment in time, with glass tentacles, silky seaweed, and coral colonies extending from their frames. As a passionate deep-sea diver, she reveals, The ocean has always been a source of inspiration and mystery to me, and it is a lifelong goal. Decorative Glass Sculptures for a unique Home decor | Murano Glass Unique masterpieces painstakingly made by Murano glass masters in the heart of the Venetian lagoon, that's what you will find in this section of our website A collection of world renowned blown glass artists. Holsten Galleries is an online blown glass art gallery featuring glass artists from around the world including Dale Chihuly, Lino Tagliapietra, Jon Kuhn, Nancy Callan, William Morris and Stephen Powell

Dale Chihuly Tabac Basket w/Oxblood Stripes 1977 Early Rare Glass Sculpture. $13,500.00. $119.95 shipping. or Best Offer world famous glass making process & glass art. world famous glass making process & glass art This video will tell you all about the cold glass process I use to make my work. I hope you enjoy it and please share if you do!Website: http://www.jackstorm..

The top famous sculptures of all time. From pre-history and the Renaissance to 20th-century Modernism and the present, we rank the top sculptures of all time. By Howard Halle Posted:. Sculpture Elephant Beaded Wire Multicolored glass Beads Art 13 long x 7 ¼ tall. $86.00. $10.51 shipping. or Best Offer Shop for blown glass wall art from the world's greatest living artists. The artistic skill of glassblowing has inspired wonder and amazement among observers since the first century BC. Molten glass can be artfully blown into beautiful lamps, ornaments and glassware. When glass is heated to the point of liquefying, precious metals, such as gold and silver, can be added to create spectacular. Murano Glass Factories produce entirely hand made art pieces such as chandeliers, sculptures, and vases which are pure art and request long hours of expert work. Prices are the ones you would expert for art and one who wants to buy Murano Glass Art should be ready to spend anywhere from a few thousand euros During his gap year, Dale Chihuly studied art in Florence, Italy, and architecture in the Middle East. He returned to Europe in 1968 as a Fulbright Fellow at Venini Fabrica, the famous glass-blowing factory on the island of Murano about a mile from Venice.. With good reason, Venice remains one of Dale Chihuly's favorite cities

Hand Blown Glass Suncatcher, Friendship, Witch Ball, Handblown Art Glass Window Ornament 4.5 Yellow Turquoise Purple Green Witches Ball #10 glassworkz61 5 out of 5 stars (6) Sale Price $21.96 $ 21.96 $ 24.40 Original Price $24.40 (10% off. Harry Pollitt, a kiln cast glass sculpture artist, creates unique kiln cast glass sculptures. He captures luminous motion with a mature and distinctive aesthetic that comes, in part, from 40 years as a wood sculptor with an engineering background

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Shayna Leib creates extraordinary glass-blown sculptures that encapsulate the fluid movement of ocean plant life and sea creatures. Each piece freezes a moment in time, with glass tentacles, silky seaweed, and coral colonies extending from their frames. As a passionate deep-sea diver, she reveals, The ocean has always been a source of inspiration and mystery to me, and it is a lifelong goal. Among his most famous collections and installations is his 'Chihuly Over Venice' (1995), for which he created sculptures at glass factories in Finland, Ireland, and Mexico, and then installed them over the canals and piazzas of Venice. Four years later, more than 1 million art-lovers attended the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem to see. The Glass Col­lec­tion and Works is Bet­ter Than Murano Amazing glass pieces in the museum, some using 300 plus colors. Very distinctive and tedious to make. From amazing glass chandeliers to canoe size pieces. The Chihuly gardens pieces are amazing, works of art Custom Glass Awards by the Frabel Studio: Unique, one-of-a-kind, hand-made glass awards that are the perfect gifts for special clients, co-workers and loved ones. Let Hans Godo Frabel, the godfather of modern torch glass art, design a glass awards exclusively for you The practice of staining glass for decorative purposes dates to ancient Rome, but the oldest examples in situ are from this Romanesque church in Augsburg, Germany, in the heart of Bavaria

The organization's expansion speaks to the steadily growing popularity of the material among craftspeople and contemporary artists alike. There's much more to contemporary glass beyond. Dale Chihuly. 's famous chandeliers with their Medusa-like curls. Lynda Benglis. , Matthew Barney. , and. Robert Rauschenberg Working in three dimensions, sculptors throughout history have shaped marble, bronze, wood, and other materials into incredible forms. And from our earliest times, sculpture has been an important way to understand culture and society, whether from portrait busts of great leaders or symbolic renderings of ethical principles. When you stop to consider famous sculptures through history, the list.

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The style of Art Deco glass began during the 1920's and lasted until around the 1950's. The art deco movement began in Paris in 1925, and was popular throughout Europe during the late 1920's, spreading to America by the 1930's. Most art deco glass was produced in Europe, mainly by French, British, German and Czech manufacturers 12 Inch Spiral Glass Wave with Stand. ChristieMoodyGlass. 5 out of 5 stars. (19) $260.00 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites. Crashing Wave Hand Painted with Glass Enamels - Fused Glass Art Curve. Birthday, Wedding, Housewarming, Thank You Gift, Surfers Gift. MelWestGlass Tourists in Venice seek out the workshops of the grand maestros - that, by the way, assisted Picasso, Fontana and Chagall in creating their own glass sculptures. Here visitors can acquire light fixtures, goblets and chalices, jewelry and vases, thin as paper or thick like marble, white like porcelain or cold-painted Glass. The glass sculptures are kiln cast using the lost wax technique. With the hollow sculptures, it creates an extra dimension, enabling the interior to become a feature. The casting process introduces air bubbles in the glass, particularly in the hollow sculptures. This creates more texture and interest in the piece

Bring a brilliant new dimension to your room by incorporating hand crafted glass art. With pieces that are masterfully crafted by our talented community of artisans, Glass Artists Gallery's selection of glass sculptures ranges in size and production technique - from glass blowing and glass casting, to kiln-fired slumping and fusing Untitled. There is a quiet monumentality to Larry Bell's iconic glass cube sculptures. As solemn as the monoliths of Stonehenge and futuristic as the famous rectangular slab of Stanley Kubrik's 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), an air of mystery beckons the viewer closer to the totemic works where the true aura of the sculpture can be appreciated. With each step, the appearance of the sculpture. Jan 30, 2019 - Chihuly glass art in Tacoma. See more ideas about chihuly, glass art, glass There is a sense of the archeological artifact within Hidenori Tsumori's glass art. By combining glass and clay in Tsumori produces works such as this sculpture Remains of the Day, which provokes the viewer into reflection on things that are lost, and things that remain. Explore Tsumori's world at yufuku.net. 17. Mieko Noguch

In Belgium there was a series of Art Deco pieces made by Val St. Lambert, and in Germany it was made by Auguste Walther and Sohne. In the 1920s Rene Lalique became famous for his work in Art Deco Glass and he was responsible for the walls of lighted glass and the elegant glass columns that filled the dining room and grand salon of the SS Normandie The glass art craftsmanship is deeply rooted in Scandinavia. Here you will find exquisite art glass from leading Scandinavian design brands of the trade. 122 results sorted by. Popularity. Iittala. Birds by Toikka Robin, moss green-copper. $213. In stock. HAY Lonely Planet Writer. 12 November 2019. Dale Chihuly has built a reputation as one of the great glass sculpture artists of the modern era. His beautiful, often whimsical works can be seen across America in more than just museums. Modern buildings, botanical gardens and even a Las Vegas casino have Chihulys of their own, inspiring a niche group. Art Glass Vases Unique Glass Art From Famous Artists. This category features the vases and vessels of over 60 glass artists featuring Paul Harrie, Mayauel Ward, Christie Moody, Buzz Blodgett, Gartner/Blade, Loy Allen and Glass Eye Studio. Our artists have glass making facilities/ furnaces throughout the United States

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This glass museum offers ancient glass works through the most ethereal of contemporary pieces, coupled with a large collection of Tiffany Glass. More than 10,000 pieces of glass art are displayed in one collection, giving you a bonus chance to visit the other five as well (European Paintings and Sculpture, American Painting and Sculpture. Using the most famous and distinctive ancient Murano glass technique- Millefiori (a thousand flowers), Murano masters created this elegant swan sculpture with the body of vivid stylized flowers and the highly detailed eyes, beak, and tail in rich cobalt blue glass for a striking artistic effect The Angels' Forge: Marrying Glass with Modern Art. This is a story of an Italian man who was a radiotelegraph operator, a bank cashier and a manual labourer extracting oils from wood. But then one day he became fascinated with a physical phenomenon of vitrifying and decided to set off for a journey of glass-making 1. Sainte-Chapelle — Paris, France. The towering purple-hued stained glass of the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris is one of the most iconic and breathtaking works of glass art in Europe, if not the world. With 1,113 scenes depicting history across the Old and New Testaments, this Gothic masterpiece was built in just seven years

Shop Love Statues and Lovers Sculptures for the best quality and prices. The beauty of the human form and the enduring nature of true love make these gallery pieces timeless works of sculptural art. As an addition to your discerning gallery, or as a meaningful gift, each is a unique work of art Famous Glass Designers . Rene Lalique was born René Jules Lalique in Ay, France on April 6, 1860, He became an iconic glass designer, especially noted for his stunning creations which, included perfume bottles, vases, jewellery, chandeliers, clocks and car bonnet ornaments. The company he founded in 1885, still operates and its creations are still sought after by the modern collector The Bridge of Glass links the waterfront Museum of Glass to the attractions on the south side of Interstate 705, including the Washington State History Museum and the Tacoma Art Museum. Crossing the bridge is an ideal complement to visiting the museum as it's filled with artwork by Dale Chihuly

Richard Royal, a faculty member of the Pilchuck Glass School, has pushed the limits of large scale blown glass sculpture for the past twenty five years. Richard was the first Artist in Residence at the Waterford Crystal Factory in Waterford, Ireland in 1998 and 1999. His work is included in numerous permanent museum collections including the. For over 40 years we have specialized in French Art Nouveau furniture and objects, Tiffany lamps and Tiffany glass, French cameo glass by Argy-Rousseau, Daum and Gallé, bronzes, ceramics. Ancient Sculpture Gallery museum reproductions of ancient and modern sculptures and paintings. Since 2005 Ancient Sculpture Gallery has created and delivered quality museum reproductions to thousands of customers from almost every country all over the world. We have a proven record and extensive experience. Whether you are looking for rare and. Art Glass Paperweights . Art glass paperweights are intricate miniatures of all the beauty and technique found in blown glass sculpture. Made using a variety of techniques, these paperweights feature millefiori, murini, canework, and much more. Extremely collectable for their uniqueness and beauty, these little works of art make excellent gifts Layered Glass Sculptures | Niyoko Ikuta. A sculpture made of glass that appears as if flowing effortlessly like water, exuding a dancing rhythm - such is the beauty created by Japanese artist Niyoko Ikuta. Breaking boundaries of imagination, in these sculptures the artist gives form to feelings of gentleness and harshness, fear, limitless.

Famous for the lamps his studios produced, Tiffany is also known for stained glass windows including John the Baptiste at Arlington Street Church in Boston, Massachusetts. French-Russian artist Marc Chagall was one of the most successful artists in the 20th Century. A highly respected figurative painted, Chagall worked in a variety of mediums 25 Of The Most Creative Sculptures And Famous Statues From Around The World . Lina D. BoredPanda staff. Our cities are full of majestic monuments, stunning sculptures and artistic statues, each having a story to tell. While the first statues were meant to celebrate the gods, later famous people, military leaders, and generals, now it might also. 5 Barbara Hepworth. 0 0. Famous As: Artist. Birthdate: January 10, 1903. Sun Sign: Capricorn. Birthplace: Wakefield. Died: May 20, 1975. English sculptor Barbara Hepworth, CBE and DBE, was a prominent figure in Modern Art. A Royal College of Art alumna, she used bronze, marble, and wood to create masterpieces such as Single Form and Family of. The sculpture of Laocoön and his Sons is also known as the Laocoön Group, and is among the most famous sculptures. It was excavated in 1506 and it has been displayed in public in the Vatican ever since. The statue Measure about 6 feet and 7 inches, and it depicts the Trojan priest Laocoon together with his sons Thymbraeus and Antiphantes The lighting was complicated, and the support structure was aesthetically challenging, Chihuly says of his largest glass sculpture to date. The 20-ton piece of art valued at $3 million uses 2,000 pieces of hand-blown glass, which are attached to the ceiling using a matrix of steel rods, accessible via the above-ceiling catwalk

Stained-glass windows have been admired for their utility and beauty since ancient Rome, when pieces of colored glass were assembled into patterned window frames.In Europe, the art of stained glass reached its height between 1150 and 1500, when magnificent windows were created for great cathedrals.. Most of what is known about medieval stained-glass making comes from a twelfth-century German. 5 Famous Sculptures in India. The vivid of Indian tradition and culture are reflected in all the art present in the country. A wonderful display of all of India's rich culture, heritage and the various religions and groups prevalent are intricate sculptures that one comes across in the country Ms. Zynsky trained at the Rhode Island School of Design in the early '70s, as did Mr. Beers, the architect, when Mr. Chihuly was teaching in the school's famous glass program Unique fused glass artwork created and sold by Joel and Lori Soderberg in their Edmonds, WA studio Orlina explained his collaboration with Republic Glass had enabled him to develop a method of creating sculptures from residual glass, and the commission came at the right time

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Sensual. Organic. Groundbreaking. The Art Nouveau period proved to be all of these things and so much more. A movement intended both to elevate the status of the craft-based artisan while also rebelling against the sterility of industrialism and the academic system of fine art, Art Nouveau changed the face of art history by redefining art and the role of the artist in the execution of their. Roman art spans the centuries of the Republic and of the later Empire that governed the lands of the Mediterranean, Europe, and the British Isles from antiquity until the beginning of the Dark Ages. This article contains 15 of the most famous Roman paintings Browse Artists Alphabetically Artist Names Beginning Complete List A-Z : Maria A'Becket - American Painter Hans von Aachen - German Painter Alvar Aalto - Finnish Architect Magdalena Abakanowicz - Polish Sculptor Masseot Abaquesne - French Potter Riza-i Abbasi - Persian Painter Louise Abbema - French Painter Edwin Austin Abbey - American Illustrator/Muralist Berenice Abbott - American Photographe These famous artworks will continue to resonate and leave impressions in the minds of people for centuries to come. The list of famous painters and their paintings in the world also includes the description of these popular paintings, to help understand their significance in art history. Here are the top 49 famous artist paintings: 49. Primaver Nuanchu Sea Glass 17.6 Ounces Crushed Glass Vase Filler Colored Sea Glass Chips Cobalt Blue Light Blue and White Seaglass Pieces for Aquarium Art Crafts and Decor Frosted Dyed Color Stone, Mix Colors $19.99 $ 19 . 99 $20.99 $20.9

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Fused Glass Art . Page 1 of 4 . Luise Andersen, Paula Fell, Stan Harmon, Following his dream to learn to blow glass he enrolled at the famous Penland School of Craft in the North Carolina mountains, quickly succumbing to the addictive nature of glass blowing. However, blowing glass requires at least one helper and that wouldn't fit into his. When people talk about Italian art glass, they are usually referring to the vases, paperweights, goblets, and decorative objects produced in the city of Venice and the adjacent island of Murano.Indeed, Murano is the heart of Italian glassmaking, the place where, in the late 13th century, glassmakers were banished lest their furnaces catch the rest of Venice on fire The glass sculptures were so impressive, bright, and creative. There was an inside and a garden to walk through. It is not very big so it only took us about an hour to get through it. It is also located next to the Space Needle and The Museum of Pop Culture. So you can see them all in one day

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Alexander Calder. Lifespan: July 22, 1898 - November 11, 1976 Nationality: American One of the most influential sculptors of the 20th century and perhaps the most acclaimed abstract sculptor, Alexander Calder is famous for his invention of the mobile, an abstract sculpture that moves in response to touch or air currents by taking advantage of the principle of equilibrium Collector's Guide to Midcentury Glass. Pamela is an antique expert and the author of three books on the subject. She's written over 400 articles on antique collecting for The Spruce Crafts. There were many different types of glass made from the 1940s through the early 1970s, ranging from Fire King kitchenware to milk glass dinnerware Antique Loetz Art Nouveau Rainbow Silver Overlay Vase Nelson & Nelson Antiques $696.50. Art Nouveau French Gilded Bronze Tantalus and Liqueur Set, circa 1900 Louis Wine Ltd $1,950.00. Composite Stem Air Twist Wine Glass c1750 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $1,975.00. WMF Jugendstil Art Nouveau Secessionist Biscuit Box, circa 1905 Louis Wine Ltd $1,250.00 This is a must visit to see the art from the famous Dale Chihuly. Beautiful sculptures with vibrant colors and some mind-blowing pieces of glass! On the bridge, there are three installations: two towers of blue, the ceiling, and the wall. My favorite was the ceiling, as I walked under this and looked up at the spectacular pieces

As such glass objects of famous artists do not only preserve but increase their value over time. What is Murano Glass? When people talk about Italian art glass or Venetian art glass, they are usually referring to the sculptures, vases, chandeliers and decorative glass objects made in the island of Murano, Italy. Murano is a small island in the. Moro, Mariano (Ars Murano, with Elio Raffaeli, Roberto Cammozzo, Renzo Vianello, and Mario Costantini) Morrell, Lawrence. Morris, William. Mortara, Michael and Misato (2400° Fahrenheit Art Glass) Mosey, Christopher (Ignis Glass Studio, with Jeremy Neumann) Motloch, Christopher (Molten Spirit Glass Studio) Mount, Nick Glass is a substance that has wide applications in our day-to-day life. It serves a lot of industries like construction, transportation, electronics, medical, ceramics and energy. At homes, the windows are en suite with glass pieces that provide us clear vision and hinder the outside materials from entering our room. Mirrors are placed in our [ Fearless innovation. From the beginning of his glass-art career in 1975, Orlina was a free spirit who eschewed scholarships abroad, opting instead for independent learning, trial-and-error, and. Doyle Glass Sculptor of Fine Limited Edition Sculpture Doyle Glass is a realistic sculptor who specializes in portrait, figurative, wildlife and life size to monumental works. Themes of valor, courage, romance, compassion and rugged individualism are depicted

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Wow. All of these artists are amazingly beautiful There is a stained glass artist Lawrence Jerome who I think will be the next big thing. His work is really impressive and bases most of his stained glass art on actual Art paintings and UNESCO sites. He's also a really nice guy . Here,s his website https://www.laurentiusstainedglass.co.uk Framingham's Most Famous Glass Artist Is Blowing Up - Framingham, MA - How Momoko Schafer, 25, found glassblowing, and made it onto a Netflix show about glass artists

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Wait and see and worry, she says. Especially about the most famous aspect of any Gothic cathedral, especially Notre Dame: the stained-glass windows that bring light and color into the interior. You might think you know what patience means, but American artist Liza Lou clearly has a bit better understanding of what meticulous work really is. Her first large scale work of art Kitchen took 5 years to complete (1991-1996), and is, as the title suggests, a life-size replica of a kitchen, covered entirely in millions of glass beads Throughout the centuries, these artworks have been adding beauty to spaces all around the world, most commonly churches and other religious structures. But some pieces clearly elevate this art form to a whole new level. Here, then, are some of the most famous works of stained glass in the world. 11

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A mother holds her child tenderly aloft in this suar wood sculpture by Bali's Made Wirata from the NOVICA Mother and Child Collection. Typical of the broad spectrum of materials and techniques from this international collection, Wirata's work reflects the traditional Balinese sri bunga style of the wood carvers art King Penguin with Baby Crystal Art Glass Sculpture | 34300 From $275.00. Quick Shop Dancing Heron Bronze Fountain Sculpture $4,000.00. Quick Shop Eagle Bronze Sculpture Spirit of Liberty Large $2,600.00. Quick Shop Owl Matte White Origami Porcelain Figurine $105.00. Quick Shop. Eduardo Galeano. Kiss Wine First. You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul. George Bernard Shaw. Art Mirror Face. He who lives by the crystal ball will eat shattered glass. Ray Dalio. Will Crystal Ball. If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian

The stained glass windows of Notre-Dame, particularly the three rose windows, are among the most famous features of the cathedral. The west rose window, over the portals, was the first and smallest of the roses in Notre-Dame. It is 9.6 metres in diameter, and was made in about 1225, with the pieces of glass set in a thick circular stone frame The Glass Gallery, L. H. Selman showcases a wide range of the finest antique art glass paperweights from a myriad of talented artists Shop best selling horse head statues, horse head busts and horse head sculptures on sale at AllSculptures.com. FREE Shipping in the USA

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