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My son and I have bow hunted from the time we each could carry a bow. He shot is first deer with a bow at age 11. It took me 40 years to kill a 150 class deer and the interesting thing about this is these were shot on the same hunt in Texas low fence and both were cull deer!!! (management bucks) Land owner had a rule any 8 point is a Cull 150 class whitetail. TROPHY FEE : $5,250. LODGE FEE : $200 PER DAY. GUIDE FEE : $175 FOR 1 ON 1-. $125 PER HUNTER FOR 2 ON 1. NON HUNTER : $175 per night. KIDS UNDER 12 ARE FREE. 159 WHITETAIL. 150 WHITETAIL Quest For A 150-Inch Buck. In today's world of quality deer management, great food-plot mixes and a dozen other factors that help us grow and harvest great whitetails, it is still very difficult to harvest a really big whitetail buck. Picking the right hunt at the right time is the most important factor by far

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Whether you're looking to hunt a management deer or a true Texas whitetail giant, look no further! Our specialty at 5 Star Outfitters is hunting 150 B&C to 200+ class whitetails. Our Texas whitetail ranch has been expertly managed and have some of the best genetics you will find in a Texas Hunting ranch Our specialty at 5 Star Outfitters is hunting 150 B&C to 200+ class whitetails. Our Texas whitetail ranch has been expertly managed and have some of the best genetics you will find in a Texas Hunting ranch. Our 5 Star Trophy Whitetail Low Fence Hunt includes (1) trophy deer, (1-2) doe. The total cost of this hunt is $3,750.00 Kansas is well known for big whitetails, but to reach full potential, animals need to be given a chance to grow to full maturity. Ted has a camp policy of only shooting 150-class deer or bigger. To help maintain his policy, there is a financial penalty for hunters who harvest a buck scoring less than the 150 minimum A 4 day 1:1 guided hunt for a mature whitetail buck scoring between 140-150 gross B&C. This is a great buck that experienced hunters often want to upgrade to after they have shot a number of our management deer. PRICE: $3,000, plus $200/inch over 14  0 B&C (up to 150 B&C gross score) TROPHY HUNTS

One thirty to 140 class deer are $2000. One fourty to 150 class are $3000. One fifty too 170 deer are $4500. 170 Class Whitetail and above when available are individually priced. They start at $5000 Tips are not included but appreciated. Please call ! Doe when available are $200 in conjunction with a buck or elk hunt. Fallow deer are available The buck's net score topped out at 183-1/8″. Two bucks are currently tied for the world-record typical 8 at 180-3/8″. Tim Walmsley said Everything about this buck is just special; In. Field judging whitetail deer or scoring on the hoof is a requirement for every whitetail hunter who wishes to harvest a record book animal without making a mistake and shooting a buck that is simply too small. We feel it is our job as a whitetail outfitting service to educate our hunters and the general public in regard to scoring whitetail deer

Our Hunting property provides a very high opportunity at a 150+ class whitetail buck and with trophy Kansas Deer Hunting opportunities reaching 200+ you will easily see why Buster's Outfitters is a hunt of a lifetime! Hunting Ranch Guides What does a 150 8 point look like? Does anyone know? LOL I would like to see pictures if anyone has a CONFIRMED 150 8. A guy I know claims to have killed one but I am skeptical and want to compare some pics to his deer

My brand new Mathews Z9 draws blood in northern IL. The footage isn't great but I thought I would throw a quick video of all my hunts this year and share the.. TIRED OF BEING TIRED? http://longlivehealth.le-vel.com Dan, Zach, and Dustin hunting along the Yellowstone River. Dan takes down a 150 whitetail one evening. Stay on your toes and be ready as the patient whitetail deer hunter will see and have the chance to harvest a great 150+ class deer. For our Rifle whitetail deer Hunts we will be hunting out of ladder stands, ground blinds and towers stands. One of the reasons for Buster's high success rate is because we have about 50 ladder stands and 40.

In past years, my plan in Ohio was to hunt several farms in October, harvesting some does, and then based on sightings and sign, narrow my efforts down to a farm or two. This approach has worked well for me on 140- to 150-class whitetails but not top-end, Boone & Crockett bucks Guaranteed Texas Trophy Whitetail Pricing. $2250 up to 139″ $3250 any 140's; $4000 any 150's; $5000 any 160's; $6500 any 170's; $8000 any 180's; $9000 any 190's $10,500 up to 209″ $12,500 up to 220″ We harvest 30 deer each year off our property from 150 - 250 150-Class Whitetail Buck. Prev Next. Prev Next. This hand gun hunter made a amazing shot on this 155 inch whitetail buck making the SCI Record book ranking number 2 under the North-west typical estate. Gallery: Whitetail Hunt Photos. Tags: big bucks, guided deer hunts, hunting trips, typical whitetail bucks, whitetail bucks, whitetail deer Most of the hunters on their Kansas whitetail hunts have had an opportunity at a 150 class whitetail deer. Many times they have had opportunties at much larger deer. Dirt Road Outfitters allows roughly 640 acres for every deer hunter that we take in for our Kansas deer hunts. All hunters are lodged in a 1900's farm house that is located on our. Regular readers will recall the story of the 190-class non-typical Gordy Weiss shot on a cold 2017 muzzleloader hunt in Wisconsin. That feature, which appeared in the Dec.-Jan. '19 issue, profiled a buck most of us would call the deer of a lifetime. But incredibly, just one season later Gordy doubled up on two more world-class whitetails

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Trophy Whitetail Hunts. We offer hunts for bucks in the 150″ - 200″ plus range. These are guaranteed Trophy Whitetail Hunts. These are up to 3 day hunts with lodging, transportation, and guiding. Oklahoma is home to some huge whitetail genetics and there is no better place to bag a trophy buck of a lifetime Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts are 4-night 3-day all inclusive Base Hunt $3,500 (1) 130-139″ class mature buck (2) Doe. Additional Trophy Rates (added to the Base Hunt) 140-149″ class mature buck $500 150-159″ class mature buck $1,000 160-169″ class mature buck $1,500 170-179″ class mature buck $2,000. Management Hunt $2,50 Whitetail Hunting. We had a great season last year. An amazing seven to one buck to doe ratio was harvested, as well as a 150 class whitetail buck. We currently have several ranches available to hunt whitetail this season. In order to manage these properties and not to apply too much hunting pressure on the game, we will be moving from ranch to. 180-Class Whitetail Buck. Prev Next. Prev Next. Whitetail hunter with his main frame 10 point buck scoring in the mid 180s inches. The antlers have flier points coming off the tall tines. Gallery: Whitetail Hunt Photos. Tags: big bucks, guided deer hunts, hunting ranch, trophy deer, whitetail bucks, whitetail deer Field & Stream Trophy Whitetail Article. On the last afternoon of a six-day hunt in Alberta, Canada, with temperatures below zero and 18 inches of snow on the ground, Oklahoma rancher Devin Moore was ready to settle for a 150-class whitetail buck that his guide had just spotted 200 yards in the distance

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The OP wants pictures of 140 class deer, some listed have been, some have not. To be educational, it needs to be accurate. I dont think it would be fair to the OP to see pictures of 130-135 class deer being listed as 145, and go shoot one thinking its a 145, because of bad information 130 class whitetail. TROPHY FEE : $2,500. LODGE FEE : 200 PER DAY. GUIDE FEE : 175 FOR 1 ON 1-. 125 PER HUNTER FOR 2 ON 1. NON HUNTER : $175 per night. KIDS UNDER 12 ARE FREE. 139 WHITETAIL. 139 WHITETAIL MC Outfitters offers each hunter a unique hunting experience; whether hunting in a ground blind or a well built, large heated hunting stand, ranging from 3ft to 12ft off the ground. Our hunters will have opportunities for 150+ class whitetail deer. During your hunt opportunities for 170+ and non-typical whitetails are possible Super Angebote für Class 150 hier im Preisvergleich. Vergleiche Preise für Class 150 und finde den besten Preis But with some spraying, mowing, and superior quality seed from Buck.It Ready, results like this are easily achievable!. Cougar has been using and having success with Buck.It Ready seed for the past few years. He was also fortunate to harvest this 150″ class whitetail last season! The buck was a frequent visitor of his Buck.It Ready food plots

Find all content by 150 Class Find all threads by 150 Class. Profile posts Latest activity Postings Media About. There are no messages on 150 Class's profile yet Joined Jun 26, 2006. ·. 42,851 Posts. #12 · Aug 4, 2009. Trouthunter said: Not a 150 but here's a 228 that TXPalerider shot with his bow at 55 yards on a low fenced 80 acre tract near Hillje, Texas. In fact he only had to carry it about 300 yards to Prasek's back door Our Nebraska deer hunters can expect to see numerous whitetail bucks in the 135 - 150 class range, topping out around the 190 range. We can accommodate archery, rifle and muzzleloader hunters. Most of our firearm hunts are conducted out of double bull ground blinds on top of pre-scouted hill tops overlooking ravines and ag land, however we. Guest day rate includes lodging, meals, and ranch amenities. >140 class - $2500.00. 150 class - $3500.00. 160 class - $4500.00. 170 class - $5500.00. 180 class - $6500.00. 190 class - $7500.00. 200 class - $9000.00 ($250 inch over) All hunters will be required to sign up for Las Cazadores Hunting Contest and all harvested animals will take a 15. A trip here should put plenty of 130- to 150-class deer within reach, and promises the possibility of something much larger. Late-Season Tag Iowa's preference point system is simple

For those looking for a solid 150 class whitetail hunt, with a very legitimate probability of harvesting a world class giant, this experience will not disappoint. Deer in the 170/180 class are seen each year by our clients and sometimes, with a combination of a lot of hard work a little skill and some luck, these booner bucks hit the dirt Call now to learn more about our whitetail hunts. Dripping Springs, TX. Five-Star Resort, 2,200 Acres; Private Lodging, Guide, & Cleaning Included; 150 to 170 Class Deer - $4,795; 170 to 185 Class Deer - $5,795; 185 to 195 Class Deer - $6,295; 195 to 215 Class Deer - $6,995 Trophy hunts base rates start at $2500 for one 130-139 class mature whitetail buck and one mature doe. Additional rates for trophy hunts. 140-149 class mature buck +$500. 150-150 class mature buck +$1000. 160-169 class mature buck +$1500. 170+ class mature buck +$200 Airport transportation from Corpus Christi Airport and executive airports in the area is available. Please click the link for more information on the lodging and ranch insert link to AH7 ranch page All-inclusive Whitetail Hunting Packages On The Arrow Head 7 Ranch. Up to 150″- $3,500 150-170″- $5,500 170-190″- $7,500 190-210″- $9,50 High Fence Exotic Hunts. Cross Oaks Ranch Offers Blackbuck Antelope, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, and Iranian Red Sheep on our 2,490 acre hunting ranch. Our Texas high fence exotic hunts include guiding, lodging and meals/drinks for $250 a day. As a bonus, we throw in a wild pig hunt free of charge. Blackbuck Antelope - $2,250

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Up to: 150 Class: $3,500. or up to 160 Class: $4,000. Trophy Hunts. These hunts are for bucks up to 180 B&C. This inclusive package includes three days of hunting, three nights stay, all meals, a one-on-one guide service and transportation to and from the Cheboygan or Pellston Airports. 161 - 170 Class: $6,000 Many of these heavy antlered whitetails will range in the 130 to 150 class with an occasional animal scoring in the 160's, 170's or more and mule deer can be even larger. These are also large bodied deer with some whitetail bucks weighing over 200 lbs. and mule deer bucks that can top 300 lbs A mere thirty yards from my position, standing tall in the tender green crop, stood a 150 class nontypical ten point, and a smaller buck, which undoubtedly would have qualified for the Buckmasters Trophy Record Books. At that moment, I knew all the media hype surrounding Illinois had to be true. I had heard stories of the reknown whitetail states The October hunts provide the tag holder with the unique flexibility to harvest either a mule deer or a whitetail deer. One minute you are targeting a 150-180 inch mule deer buck... the next minute you could see a 150+ class whitetail in the alfalfa fields. And the tag gives you the flexibility to hunt for both species We harvest a lot of Bucks in the 130 - 140 class range, but we'll also shoot some in the 150 - 170 class. These are big Whitetail Deer, weighing in between 175 - 225 lbs. Our hunts are semi-guided, meaning we'll show you an area and then let you setup and hunt your own spot. Each person will usually have around 200 acres to work with

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Axis Buck Hunt 2D/2N Meals / Lodging Included. $1,500.00. Local Pickup. or Best Offer. 3 watching. 1700ac. private land hunting Durango Colorado. Season or year leases. $500.00. Local Pickup Not only will the hunter see an abundance of whitetail deer while on their hunting trip, but they will also see many whitetail bucks that are over a 150 class whitetail deer. Every year we have several whiteatail deer that eclispe the Boone & Crockett measurement standards seen on our properties. Remember, all of hunts are free range hunts JAG Ranch offers hunting for trophy and management whitetail deer three day hunts in South Texas , in County, Texas. We are located approximately 12 miles north of Beeville. The ranch is 1,600 acres high-fenced and protein fed, year round. We have approximately twelve blinds spaced out 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile form each other PRICING. Whitetail Deer hunt: $3,500.00 per person, plus hunting license and trophy fee. Please Note: A trophy fee of $1,000.00 cash is due upon arrival; however, if you fail to shoot a Whitetail Deer of your choice during your hunt, a $1,000.00 cash refund will be paid to you immediately after completing your 6 day hunt. Approximate Non-Resident License Cost

150's - $4,500 ; 160's - $5,500 ; 170's - $6,500 ; 180's - $7,500 ; 190's - $8,500 ; 200'+ - $9,500 ; Whitetail Deer Facts for the New Hunter. Whitetail deer is the single most popular animal to hunt in the United States. With a population of 20-25 million, whitetail deer hunting is plentiful Some of the finest low fence deer hunting in Texas on over 11,000 acres loaded with river bottoms and hillsides it is a perfect backdrop for trophy deer hunting in Texas. Our guided deer hunts are averaging 100% success on 130-140 class whitetail and 60% success on 150 -160 class whitetail deer per harvest over the last 3 years. Lodging and meals are included with our whitetail deer hunting. Big Buck Outfitters, Inc. targets whitetail bucks in the 4- to 6-year range. Most mature bucks have an extra point or two, with drop tines and split tines not uncommon. Big Buck Outfitters, Inc. is confident that on a standard hunt every client should see whitetail bucks in the 120- to 150-class range A 130 class typical is a pretty damned nice deer. Pope & Young minimum is 125, for reference, and that takes a VERY nice 8-pt to make it, or a solid, decent 10. Either way, it's going to have to be a mature buck of 3.5 or older, or a 2.5 year old with crazy genetics and great feed. Posted By: RWE

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  1. Bobcats. $550. Non-Hunting Guests. $260/Night. All hunts are guided 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 and range from 2 to 4 days. Guides will have final say in deciding if an animal is ready to be harvested. Pricing for deer is based on Boone & Crockett Gross score. Our guides will give their opinion on score of deer, but the hunter is ultimately responsible.
  2. Whitetail Hunts. 1-3 Days. 8 Max Group Size. 150-159 Class. Whitetail Hunts. 1-4 Days. 8 Max Group Size. 160-169 Class. Whitetail Hunts. 1-4 Days. 8 Max Group Size. 170-179 Class. Whitetail Hunts. 1-4 Days. 8 Max Group Size. 180-189 Class. Whitetail Hunts. 1-4 Days. 8 Max Group Size. 190-199 Class. Whitetail Hunts. 1-4 Days. 8 Max Group Size.
  3. Whitetail 150-159. Whitetail 160-169. Whitetail 160-169. Whitetail 170-179. Whitetail 170-179. Whitetail 170-179. Whitetail 180-189. Whitetail 190-199. Whitetail 200+
  4. This lease has proved to be a prime hunting property with trophy 150+ class Whitetail bucks as well as numerous long beards. While much of Kansas can be difficult to draw for deer, this unit offers great odds in drawing the deer license/tag. This is a 1 bird unit for spring turkey hunts and these license/tags are available over the counter
  5. Two days later I bagged a big mulie. I have been chasing whitetail for years in hot spots like North Dakota, Kansas and Saskatchewan with various degrees of success. This year I hunted Alberta with Neil and North Star hoping to finally have a chance at a 150 class WT and combo with a mule deer
  6. Whitetail Deer Trophy Fees. Management Buck (Native Hill Country): $2,500 Whitetail Buck 130-149 inches SCI: $3,500 Whitetail Buck 150-169 inches SCI: $5,500 Whitetail Buck 170-189 inches SCI: $7,500 Whitetail Buck 190-214 inches SCI: $9,000 Whitetail Buck 215-225 inches SCI: $10,500 Whitetail Buck 226-250 inches SCI: $11,500 Whitetail Buck 251-274 inches SCI: $12,50
  7. Whitetail hunting at Mo-Whitetail in the heart of the Missiouri. Missouri River Bottom Whitetail Deer We will be back in 2008, and I will be looking for that 150 class. Thanks for everything and for a wonderful hunt. Don On the 3rd day of the hunt my Dad harvested a 150 3/8 inch 9 point with a 6 1/8 base. He made a great shot at 275.

We are now booking Texas Whitetail hunts for the 2019/2020 Whitetail Season. Star S Ranch has been managing our whitetail since 1996. We expect most of our deer at maturity to be over 170. Many will grow horns in excess of 220 - 250 if you are lucky you might just see a few 300 deer! Our emphasis has been width and frames The whitetail deer are extremely abundant in this area with classes ranging from 115BC - 150BC. Trophy expectations are realistically set at 115BC-130BC, with virtually all of our harvested bucks being eight points or better with spreads typically ranging from 15 - 20 or better. For the past 30 years, hunters have experienced successful.

Non-hunters fee will be $150 per day per person on any hunt. Notification of non-hunters must be provided when hunt is booked. A valid Texas hunting license is required. For more information, purchase your license online at Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's website Hickory Hill Hunts is the premiere whitetail outfitter in Missouri. We have access to over 5,000 acres of prime hunting land and offer trophy whitetail hunting in Northeast Missouri. We have been managing our Missouri whitetail deer herd since 2001 by planting various food plots across our property Buckeye Whitetail Quest offers Management, Trophy, Super Trophy and World Class Trophy whitetail deer hunts. Up to 149″ Management Hunt. 150″ - 159″ Trophy Hunt. 160″ - 169″ Trophy Hunt. 170″ - 179″ Trophy Hunt. 180″ - 199″ Super Trophy Hunt. 200″ - 219″ Super Trophy Hunt. 220+ World Class Trophy Hunt. WE HAVE. This area will produce 150 class whitetail every year; Big block of timber in surrounding area; Secluded food plots ready to be planted; N13290 450th St, Lot#WP001 Wheeler, Wisconsin 54772. Listing Agent View Profile Neil Hauger Licensed in WI. Direct: (612) 619-7062 Corporate Office: (217) 285-9000 Send Emai

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  1. We offer the finest and largest Whitetail hunts in Texas as well as over 30 exotic species. Our family owned hunting company has some of the best hunting accommodations, lodging, meals, and guides that you will find. We hunt multiple ranches across the state. To learn more about our Texas whitetail deer hunts, call us
  2. Florida deer hunting can be just as exciting and fun as going up North! We offer deer up to 300″ and they range anywhere from very typical to trashy non-typical. Whitetail deer hunting at Roberts Ranch is action packed with deer all over the woods hiding and ready to be hunted! Don't let the great opportunity to hunt in Florida pass you up
  3. Premier Whitetail Retreat, Ashland, Ohio. 10,653 likes · 6 talking about this · 554 were here. The World's Premier Whitetail Hunting Destination! www.premierwhitetailretreat.co
  4. Eight-year-old Natalie Kesper tagged a 179⅜-inch whitetail during the Iowa youth deer hunt this fall. Beginner luck? Nope. At age 6 Natalie took a 150-class whitetail and a big spring gobbler. And she backed that up with 130-class whitetail in 2019. Here's the story of her biggest buck yet

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  1. Dave,I have hunted both, but am definitely not an expert on either province. I have hunted Alberta several times with a friend from the Athabasca area named Ron Nemetchek. Ron runs North River Outfitting (go to www.ronnemetchek.com). Ron is opinonated and can be controversial at times, but his heart is in the right place and he works hard to put his hunters on bucks just like you are looking.
  2. Whitetail deer can be found in the 140-150 class and on occasion we see bucks in the 160-180 class. We also can offer some whitetail hunts for the 110-130 class, with an occasional opportunity at a 150 class buck. There are areas where the whitetail is driving the mule deer out, due to their species being so aggressive in nature
  3. 150 CLASS. 160 CLASS. 170 CLASS. 180 CLASS. 190 CLASS. 200 CLASS. 300 PLUS. Texas Whitetail hunting from Erskine Brothers Hunting on Vimeo. Play
  4. Over the years, we have taken many bucks in the 140-150 class, with several more in the 160's and even a few in the 170″-185 class. Most of the Whitetail hunting will take place from a double bull blind or a ladder/tripod stand that is strategically placed overlooking agriculture fields, brushy draws, creek bottoms, or mature tree.
  5. Hunt #9: This is a great hunt for 150-200 inch class whitetails, located on 750 acres, near Lampasas, Texas. Perfect hunt for a group of 4-6 hunters. Nice ranchhouse accommodations. Well priced. A four day hunt, for a 155 inch trophy buck, costs $1000 in daily rates, plus a $4000 trophy fee

Obviously there is a big difference between a 150-inch 8-pointer and a basket-racked 8-pointer. But yet having 8 points is a trait nearly 50 percent of the bucks in each age class 2 1⁄2 years and older share in common Over the years, the amount of 150 to 180 class whitetails harvested in Henderson County would be unbelievable to most, with several 200 class bucks taken as well. With multiple leases obtained, added to our personal properties, we are able to offer up to 7,000 acres of beautiful fields, timber, creek bottoms, and food plots Whitetail deer shoulder mount, 150 class, NICE. Price-850.00. Colorado Mule Deer, Neat. Email for other pictures. Price 350.00. Elk Shoulder Mount, Scores app. 345-350, NICE. Please email for other pictures. Price 3500.00 Antelope doe shoulder mount with horns, uncommon $525.00 SOLD; Whitetail deer, 170 class-$1600.00. Colorado Mule Deer. Our whitetail buck live weights will many times reach 250+ lbs. Oklahoma deer at Trails End range from the 120 class to 200 plus with many different antler types from typical big frame to the massive and non-typical with multiple point racks and everything in between. In recent years, the median buck taken has been between 150 to the 170 class Whitetail. From the end of August until Thanksgiving in November, Tioga Boar Hunting organizes guided Whitetail deer hunts in our beautiful part of Pennsylvania. Most of our hunts take one or two days- and all are fully guided. If you're looking for a trophy Whitetail in velvet, you'll want to schedule your hunt starting in late August

First Class Trophy Whitetails. Many 150 class deer have been harvested on the property, through Holt Creek Hunts, we provide access to those amazing whitetails to clients every year. Holt Creek Hunts can provide you with an opportunity to get the trophy whitetail of a lifetime Trophy Whitetail Hunting. Wilson Whitetail & Wingshooting Ranch is known for producing huge typical south Texas whitetails. Since 1998, we have been offering private, all-inclusive guided hunting for trophy whitetail deer. Here at WWR, we have a variety of hunting packages that can accommodate any budget. No additional daily guide or lodge rates

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  1. Whitetail/Muley Ratio: Antler Ridge Lodge is located in an area that is approximately 80% mule deer and 20% whitetail deer. Availability: We offer mule or whitetail hunts yearly. Deer hunters can expect to see deer above the 150 class. Blinds are provided if desired, and deer hunters must execute safe hunting techniques
  2. Below are our current rates for our Texas Whitetail Hunts. Daily Fee is $250 Per Day- All inclusive Guide, Lodging, and Meals/Drinks. Hunts are 1x1 or 2x1 Guided, depending on group size and hunt. We Specialize in Corporate and Group Hunts. We can work with you to meet whatever needs you have
  3. Whitetail deer are found in suitable brushy or wooded areas throughout the state. Size of whitetail bucks will vary from region to region, but mature whitetail bucks are 3′-4′ tall and typically weigh 110 pounds, to over 200 pounds in parts the Texas Panhandle and South Texas. Texas is a great place for some Whitetail hunting

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  1. e age, class, and estimated score of your trophy
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  3. We are on a management plan and take 8 points or better with a 15″ Spread. This area in Alabama produces 150+ class deer. Our Alabama whitetail deer hunts are either 3 or 4 days. We do not hunt large groups, there will be a maximum of 12 hunters in camp at one time. We work year round to insure you enjoy deer hunting in Alabama
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FE Hill Whitetail Deer Hunting in Texas. *All Deer Hunting Packages are inclusive. Trophy Hunt Base: $3,000. • 1 Mature 130 class buck. • 1 Cull Buck. • 1 Doe. Additional Trophy Deer Hunting Rates (Add to the Base Hunt Rate) 140 class mature buck $500.00. 150 class mature buck $1,000.00 Buy Hornady .30-30 Winchester 150. $ 500 00 $ 250 00. Hornady® American Whitetail® ammunition rounds use the highest quality cases and primers available. Consistent components translate to consistent shooting in the field. Buy Hornady .30-30 Winchester 150 quantity. Add to cart. Category: 30-30 WINCHESTER Product ID: 3285 The genetics of our managed herd are among the best in the country and during your hunt you can expect to see dozens of outstanding trophy whitetails, ranging in size from 150 inches to over 400 inches! Xtreme World Class Whitetails of Ohio is located in the heart of Amish country in the rolling hills of Northeastern Ohio, which is a classic. All Trophy Class Whitetail hunts include: Shoot any whitetail buck up to 250 inches! Three days and two nights accommodations at our lodge. (Arrive at noon and depart at noon) Hearty, home-cooked meals throughout your stay. A fully stocked bar for after each evening's hunt. One-on-one expert guide service